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The dreaded workbook

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WhateverTrevor Tue 05-Feb-13 19:18:11

I have struggled through to standard 4 and I think my brain has had enough.
Has anyone already answered these questions and can they give me a few pointers?

4.1a Make a list of techniques you have found to be helpful in
communicating with children and young people.

4.2b Describe some of the common difficulties in communicating with
children and young people. Give two examples of difficulties you have
encountered and how you have tried to overcome them.

4.2c Show that you can write a short report or a letter using a computer and
send and receive an email message or use a fax machine, and
produce written reports using log-books/diary. Show also that you can
write a text message and make a phone call also put in text messages
or phone calls.

How on earth do I show I can write a text?

Fosterangel Thu 07-Feb-13 08:49:32

Hi - it looks like it has changed since we did the CWDC about 2 years ago now.

With the language and communication question, thinking about our own f/teens who have been affected by addictions issues from in the womb, I need to keep my sentences short and not put two instructions into one sentence as they forget to do one! If, for example, I said "wash your hands and then get a plate from the cupboard as we are having some cake" one would be able to do both instructions and the other would probably forget one of the two (not always but most times). My technique with the forgetful child is to break down the things I would like done into the right order and only ask at each stage if that has been done before moving on to the next stage. Bit of a long winded answer (so you see how I struggle to make it simple as I am naturally long winded!). I needed to recognise that I do this looooong winded thingy and moderate it to the child's needs and abilities.

Not sure about the text thing either!!

Hope this helps. xx

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