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New to posting but need to say

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Fosterangel Wed 06-Feb-13 15:18:02

I could not believe that a serious incident/injury report was not done on a child who was found to be bleeding by the supervising SW's after contact. How could they find this of so little concern that they could say to you "contact went well".

I would complain about the lack of supervision of contact by the SW. This SW sounds incompetent. Any injury to a baby in care needs reporting to safeguard the child. If no report was done of the cause of the bleed then there is nothing to say it was not done by you! I am not trying to panic you but you can see what I mean. What if next time it is a fracture?

Mum2lots Wed 06-Feb-13 01:00:53

Bleeding I'm afraid I'd make a complaint or ask Sw to confirm how and why

Mum2lots Wed 06-Feb-13 00:51:29

Omg that's horrific xx

purpleloosestrife Tue 05-Feb-13 21:46:52

<waves> at plain jayne

I'm in oxon, too and the social workers are amazing.

Would really like to see better any reporting after contact visits, though. It would be incredibly helpful to know that we were in for a week of nightmares and screaming after dad had scared the wotsit out of him at contact and we could try to help foster baby immediately.

Instead, we are always, always told "oh yeah, it's gone well" ( though when foster baby comes back bleeding, clearly it has not)

God only knows what happened at the last contact, but the contact team said "it had gone well" We were later called by social worker to say dad had been {and I quote} "unable to keep a lid on things" whatever that means All I know is, it has taken foster baby 6 days to calm down and sleep without screaming...

Mum2lots Sun 03-Feb-13 01:05:07


plainjayne123 Sat 02-Feb-13 15:15:27

Which LA is that? I am with Oxfordshire and I have no complaints.

Mum2lots Fri 01-Feb-13 19:50:51

I have been looking after children for 20 years and I have to say right now it's the best support team I've ever had the LA I with is fantastic and the Sw are great xxxx

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