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Moving a child from foster care to Pathways to leaving care

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Fosterangel Sun 20-Jan-13 15:17:59

I get the feeling that it differs between LA's. 18 years is a much better age to move into independent living.

Our f/teen is emotionally and developmentally around 5 years behind his peers, and simply would not cope with independent living as things stand. We get flack from the SW's for not promoting his independence enough but he really struggles with making and keeping appointments, understanding money, and he does not even have a mobile phone as he does not understand them!

It is called "Pathways to Leaving Care" but feels like a shove over a cliff to me!

bonnieslilsister Sun 20-Jan-13 01:03:03

My fc's sibling has just reached 18 and has now moved to her own flat. She stayed with her fc by choice until now. I believe she might have been able to stay longer if she was staying on in education. Do you think it another of those annoying differences between LA's? I think it is worth looking in to. It is lovely you both want him to stay smile

Fosterangel Fri 18-Jan-13 20:21:09

Does anyone have advice on a fostered teen going into Pathways (supported lodgings from age 16yrs)?

Our foster teen is coming up to age 16yrs. He has been given a Pathways to leaving care brochure by his SW. It all looks a bit set in stone to me and he wil be moved on whether he wants it or not. Is this the case?

He says he wants to stay with us as long as he can and we want this too as we think the world of him and he is very special to us.

Is he likely to be moved on at age 16yrs whether he (or we) want it or not?

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