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Money side

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Catfriend Mon 03-Dec-12 21:23:56

hi I'm currently in the early stages of my F1 and each week the same question always comes up. Money!!! I'm not wanting to be a foster carer for money I can assure you that. I am not sure what I will receive money wise can anyone help. I'm a single parent working 22 hours a week but I am giving my job up to look after foster children if possible. Any information would be great. Thank you

queststarz Tue 04-Dec-12 09:49:05

it depends - are you applying LA or agency? Either way - you get an allowance to pay for the childs food/clothes/heating etc. You have to keep reciepts for clothes, activities etc. The allowances are age dependent, but generally in line with this

Then there may be a reward element on offer - in my LA after 1 year and doing certain courses and completing cwdc (workbook) you get £120 per week per child. I know for agency carers its more money though - but possibly a longer wait for placements.

Do be warned though - you get nothing if you have no children in placement in my LA - so i went part time at work in July and only just got a placement of 2 boys in november (I did have some respite in the summer holidays for 4 weeks), so think carefully about when you hand in your notice.

Catfriend Tue 11-Dec-12 07:45:06

Hi queststarz.

Thanks for taking the time out to reply. I am going with my LA. I am looking at birth to 8 to foster which will be about £120 per week per child. I'm wondering about how much tax credits I would receive onto of the £120. My LA don't pay a FEE ontop of the allowance but apparantly it's in the pipe line!!!! Which would be a great help.

I've spoke to my SSW and she says none of her current foster carers have went longer than a week without and children in placement!!!!

If I gave up my job and had no children in placement with me would I just get the WTC????

bonnieslilsister Wed 12-Dec-12 22:14:38

Try phoning the helpline (tax credit) they are very helpful and will be able to advise. Everyone is different so is better to ask them. I find it hard to believe La's don't follow fostering network recommendations re allowance.

Catfriend Fri 14-Dec-12 07:47:13

Thanks for replying bonnieslilsister

I've phoned the tax credits but the woman on the other end wasn't very helpful, she had a rather bad attitude!!!! I'm putting it down to a bad day for her ha ha. Apparently it's in the "pipeline" to get a "fee" from my LA.

Catfriend Fri 21-Dec-12 14:59:31

Hi ssw was out recently and they have a meeting at the end of this year about paying a "fee" so hopefully in January I will know more.

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