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What do you keep in?

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bonnieslilsister Sun 02-Dec-12 21:36:47

Sorry to have to say this but for our second placement we had a couple of gorgeous 'tearaways' aged 1 and 3!!!

They came to us one night in november about 8pm wearing only cotton sleeveless dresses drinking coca cola from a baby's bottle and by the time I realised the next day that they had head lice, we all had head lice too. Only we didnt discover ours until a few days later. Consequently I always keep shampoo for head lice and we have an electronic zapper/nitcomb as well for checking smile

I say 'tearaways' in jest but they were unbelievable. For children so young I really did have my eyes opened grin

scarlet5tyger Sun 02-Dec-12 20:56:45

Have you got something for them to sleep in? I tend to have a couple of cartons of different baby formulas (just the little ready mixed kinds) and a couple of nappies in different sizes. Also chocolate buttons!

To be honest, supermarkets stock so much these days that even if you're phoned at short notice you can usually make a quick trip and pick up anything you need.

Good luck next week!

hbr1989 Sun 02-Dec-12 18:03:46

Do you have a stash of items that you keep in the house just in case? Im hopefully going to be approved next week for 0-5s. I'm not planning on getting too much until I get my first placement but have been thinking about things that I should get which will definitely come in handy. So far on my list I've got baby wipes, toothbrushes, calpol, children's shampoo and toiletries. Can you think of anything of anything else that you would recommend I have in prior to getting a placement?

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