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Problems with out LA

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Fosterangel Wed 07-Nov-12 20:05:25

We are having problems with our LA and feel that we need an advocacy service to help us put our side across.
Has anyone used an advocacy service and recommend one?

Oldandindie Thu 08-Nov-12 08:52:04

Have you tried Fostering Network or Fostertalk? My agency gives us membership and I've found FN to be very helpful over legal issues and general enquiries .. Hope that helps .

Fishwife1980 Thu 08-Nov-12 10:54:19

Hi fosterangle do you feel able to tell the some of the details we might be ale to help and Nanna ninna (all hail) is really knowledgeable on the legal side of things

I my self am having a hellish time i really do elive its down to us as carers not really being able to just leave To another service they effectivly have us oover a barrell

Fosterangel Thu 08-Nov-12 15:54:51

Thanks for your replies. I have contacted one of the companies suggested and they cannot give us an advocate unless we are either under investigation or have serious concerns raised against us which isn't the case.
I just wanted an independent person to sit in on our review as it was a bit bloody last year and we felt so disheartened by the end of it.
There is not much to tell other than we were badly matched to one of our foster children who has not settled with us. The planned move to a new specialist carer has been on-going for a year and to date no carer has been identified that can meet her needs. We have had a further year of trying to cope with a difficult placement where we are fond of the child but she rejects us, so if last year's review is anything to go by this one is not going to be pretty.

Fishwife1980 Thu 08-Nov-12 17:32:07

And were the frigg is your ssw in all this shocking just shocking we had a smiliar thing a few years back now but we said right from the start when it became clear the placement was not right

I feel for you we had to struggle on for 7 months before the placement ended you do no you can give notice for the placement to end if yu did that you might see some hlep suddley appear as they do not want a placemnt breakdown

Fosterangel Fri 09-Nov-12 11:40:24

Fishwife - which one? We have had several and are now on (I believe - if she has actually become our latest) number 3. Sadly, each new SSW knows less and less about us or the children as we seem to get the new ones each time. None (except the first who is on long term leave) championed us or took the time to get to know us. The latest two just want to please the managers and if that means not pushing our side of things then hey ho! we are collateral damage and the department is not unduly troubled.
This is our first placement and may be our last as we just do not get support for us or her.

I was expecting a better service, working relationship and more team work or at least to be listened to but all we have found is that whatever happens it is always our fault!!

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