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Fosterangel Sun 04-Nov-12 20:18:41

I have asked my SSW if I can do the NVQ3 in fostercare and have been told that only level 3 carers may do this (we are level 2 carers). I was told that only 2 carers have done the NVQ3.

I thought that all foster carers needed to do the NVQ3 (or equivalent diploma) eventually to keep their qualifications and training up.

I have been offered more AKAMAS short on-line courses but I really want to do the NVQ3. Is there a freeze on training at the moment?

childatheart Sun 04-Nov-12 21:19:11

Hi Fosterangel,

I'm afraid your response is the same as we got. When you do the initial training with the LA they "sell it" to you as an opportunity to train and progress with professional qualifications, in reality it does not happen.

We have done "Loads" of training in respect to attending different courses, completed workbooks etc but they form no specific structure and are not part of any "professional" qualification on there own. Many times we have requested to have the opportunity to undertake an NVQ 3 or equivalent but have been "fobbed" off, so now we don't bother.

Interestingly in our area if you register with an IFA you work towards an NVQ3 straight away as part of the process (guaranteed- we know !!)

Make of that what you will but it smacks of "we are not worthy" and in my opinion is another example of where the process has failed to deliver.

Fosterangel Mon 05-Nov-12 10:59:54

Hi Childatheart. Yes, it was also "sold" to us at the Skills to Foster (and I believe that when we did the CWDC the last section was on how we would progress our training and qualifications to progress our fostering career).

We have been offered a lot of short on-line AKAMAS courses, and also some interesting in-house day courses, but none hit the spot. I wanted something to really get my teeth into that gave me an acknowledged qualification outside of fostering (a self-esteem thing really). If LA fostering paid more I would pay for it myself.

Our fostering handbook says we need to identify our own training needs and discuss with our SSW. I have. Big fat no is the response and yet another on-line AKAMAS!! Frustrating or what?!

Fosterangel Mon 05-Nov-12 11:03:32

Just to make you smile............... the on-line AKAMAS I was sent was on "Team Working".

Hmmmmmm !! One way street I think!

Panadbois Mon 05-Nov-12 18:52:22

Our LA can pay for two FC per year to do an NVQ and I've been accepted to do it this year. i believe its a children and young people course thats adapted for FCs.

I was told during initial assessment that once you complete your NVQ, you go up to the this level of payment, but now I'm unsure if this is so.

I have however turned down this opportunity.

Panadbois Mon 05-Nov-12 18:53:15

third level blush

Fosterangel Mon 05-Nov-12 19:40:03

Panadbois - So pleased for you that you are on the NVQ3 course. Let me know how you get on just in case I am lucky and the LA give in to my pleas.

Ah well. Back to the AKAMAS on-line Working in a Team module. (I'm not bitter.... mutter, mutter, mutter!!!).

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