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Housing Benefit - George Osborne Proposal to remove from under 25's

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Fosterangel Tue 16-Oct-12 12:41:41

I have just caught up with Question Time (on the Sky Planner). I see George Osborne is proposing to remove Housing Benefit for under 25's.

We would hope to move our foster teens on to Pathways (supported half-way transition lodgings) or into a Council property with Housing Benefit at around 18yrs old. Most would only stay in Pathways for a year or two.

The future looks grim. What do other foster carers think?

NanaNina Thu 18-Oct-12 19:22:17

The future does indeed look grim FA and we haven't seen the half of it yet with these shower of posh boys who know nothing about real life. Cameron has said that young people under 25 must go back to the "childhood bedrooms" and save to buy their own property!!

I have been wondering how this would affect young people under the terms of the Leaving Care Act 2000. I must admit I am very rusty on this piece of legislation although I did manage after-care services in the LA but only for a short term while the manager was on long term sick leave.

I think it will mean that the LA will have to financially support young people far longer than they ever had before, because of course they could put them in B & B or private rented accdt and HB would pay. I seem to recall from the recesses of my brain something about an eligible young person under the Act and this was related to when the first came into the Looked After system I think but not entirely sure.

We used to have supportive lodging placements and the LA paid the providors, but only until the yp was 18 and then they were expected to claim HB for their private rent or B & B. I really don't know how this is going to work but I suspect it could leave young people who have been "Looked After" homeless along with hundreds of thousands of other young people under 25. The thing is this damn govt is slashing the budgets of all public services but at the same time expecting improved services. Can't be done.

Sorry can't be more help. It would be an interesting issue to raise wit your ssw or FosterCare group if you have one in your LA. Maybe you can talk to the After Care staff who should be aware of the potential problem, and what if any ideas they might have. One thing for sure it is going to cost LAs more money - which is something they don't have.

I don't think this govt will be satisfied until they have privatised all public services, and I think slashing the budgets is clearing the way for privatisation. Better stop or I will go on a rant...........

scarlet5tyger Thu 18-Oct-12 19:41:32

I look after very young children so have no real experience of this but agree with Nananina that it looks like there will be many more homeless young people. Either that or their foster carers (if YP is lucky) will continue to support them out of their own pocket. I know several carers who already do this for their FC, especially if they've been there a long time.

Fosterangel Fri 19-Oct-12 13:28:07

I will raise this with my SSW. I came to fostering to help children but this proposed change to HB will do nothing but harm to fostered children.

I really fear for these very vulnerable youngsters' future. It takes a lot for a child to trust a foster carer with looking after them and then we are expected to dump them out in the world with no housing support. Unbelievable!

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