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Choosing schools

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parachutesarefab Wed 19-Sep-12 15:16:59


I have a 10 year old birth child, X, and a 10 year old foster child, Y (and birth children aged 8 and 6).

We need to apply for secondary schools next month, and are in the fortunate position that there are a number of secondary schools close to us. My gut reaction is that it would be best for X and Y to go to different schools - talking to SWs, teachers etc, some agree with me, some are of the opinion that it would be better for them to be at the same school.

I appreciate that it is unusual to have children the same age (so have name changed) - but would be interested in the views of other foster carers, and anyone else linked to fostering, education, or just with an opinion.

Academically, there is quite a gap between X and Y. They currently attend separate primary schools.

Thanks x

Fairyjen Wed 19-Sep-12 16:27:38

I'm a sw with a looked after children team and a mum of two. My advice would be to find the school that suit each child best individually and if that happens to be the same school, fine. Is it a long term foster? If not it may be worth thinking about how each child will react if the placement were to break down and they have to see each other every day. Are they close to each other?

Normally would say treat them like siblings and send them to same school however if there is a gap academically you need to get the appropriate schools to nurture each child.

Hope this helps smile

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