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Fostering with a dog?

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2MumsAreBetterThan1 Tue 18-Sep-12 23:18:21

Me and my partner are looking into fostering, planning on applying after Christmas to be respite carers for special needs children as we both have a lot of expertise working with disabled children.

We have recently been told by a friend who fosters that we will not be allowed due to our dog.

We have a 5 year old Rottie, yes he is a big dog but is so well behaved, been through years of training classes, has a wonderful temperament and has been around children and babies his whole life.

Would this really prevent us, we are not willing to rehome our much loved and perfectly safe dog just because he happens to be a breed that people are wary of, thanks to the idiot dog owners out there.

BusterTheDonk Wed 19-Sep-12 11:21:06


we have 4 dogs - 3 of which are Hunting Dogs although they are very placid... except if you are a bunny rabbit

An assessment needs to be done on any animals in the house - ours was done by our Assessing SW - but if they had any doubt - an 'expert' would have been brought in to assess the dog - I can't believe you would be dismissed at the outset just because of his breed

If I were you, I'd use this time to gather together any reports/certificates etc that you can to be prepared to show at the outset what a well behaved asset he is to the family..

Good luck x

bonnieslilsister Wed 19-Sep-12 21:07:18

Yes, what Buster said. We have a dog who is sometimes excitable and we have just come back from a foster carers house and they had a jumpy dog. From what you said he sounds lovel, good luck smile

2MumsAreBetterThan1 Wed 19-Sep-12 22:25:52

That's great, so pleased to hear that.

He was excitable as a pup but now is really calm and placid. He has passed hisgood citizen award up to gold so hopefully they will go in his favour as well.

Gymbob Sat 22-Sep-12 10:02:52

We have a small dog, and a foster carer friend has 2 rotties. Apparently they are soft as brushes, although I daren't get out of the car if they are outside when I go round! They bark and growl at me! Their owner has a house full of kids and foster kids that almost come and go on a weekly basis and the dogs are of no concern to SS.

I think you are worrying unnecessarily

Fosterangel Sat 22-Sep-12 16:20:31

Dogs are fantastic for teaching damaged children our family values. Also, who could resist a cuddle from a dog with soulful eyes! The dogs break the ice for a new child and connect with the children in ways we cannot sometimes. We can demonstrate how we look after the needs of our animals and this translates into how we care for our children (foster and birth), ensuring they are fed, watered, walked, have a comfy bed, are healthy, safe and cared for.
You will be asked to do an assessment form for your dog stating breed, age, where they live/sleep/poo, and who picks up the poo, whether they are rescue dogs and if they have ever bitten anyone. Please do not worry. Most SW's have dogs and are nutty as they come about their own dogs! I would seriously worry about any SW or friend who gave you the impression that you could not foster if you had dogs! (oh, and BTW it is usually foster mum who picks up the poo if you were wondering!).

purpleloosestrife Thu 27-Sep-12 18:01:17

we were recently approved and we have a dobermann and a german shepherd so your friend is most definitely mistaken!!

jen333 Sat 29-Sep-12 17:38:26

I am applying to foster and have been told that my soppy placid labrador will have to undergo and assessment by a dog behaviourist. I also had to complete a four page questionnaire on my cat! Such questions such as "has you cat undergone training?" and "how does your cat relate to you as the owner" lol!!

littlemissbugging Mon 08-Oct-12 23:14:05

We have 4 dogs - 3 rescues and a rehome - all was fine with our assessment too :-)
If you have Good Cits Awards then that say's it all really :-)
Good luck!

jen333 Tue 16-Oct-12 20:16:45

Definitely no large dogs with children 0-3 year olds with our local authority. We wanted to foster babies but have a labrador. The possible assessment from a dog behaviourist will not go ahead and we have been told (after months of assessment visits) that it could never have been possiblesad

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