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Risk Assessment to have the foster children back

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Rubyx Thu 26-Jul-12 13:18:56

Hi, My foster childs parents have been told that they need a risk assessment before they can have their children back. The father has shaken the baby no excuse but otherwise fairly good parents. They are from abroad so there are some cultural differences but they are trying to embrace all the information. Child 1 is 18 months and child 2 is 6 months. What kind of things will will they be assessed on?

NanaNina Tue 31-Jul-12 18:53:13

The LA have a duty to carry out a comprehensive assessment on birthparents when their children have been removed. It should cover all aspects of parenting, including the parent's own background, and assessing the possible risk that the children could suffer significant harm in the future. The birthparents are usually assessed by a psychologist, and if necessary a psychiatrist, and any other professional that is considered necessary.

I am assuming the children are on an Iterim Care Order and a decision will have to be made whether the care proceedings are stopped and the children returned, or the risk is too great and the LA will then carry on with the care proceedings, and this is likely to take a considerable time as there is a huge amount of work involved. Everyone who has carried out an assessment will have to make a report and a recommendation about the children's future.

The birthparents will be legally represented in court.

The judge makes the final decision and given the age of the children, if they are not to be returned to their parents, then the LA will request that the Judge makes a Placement Order, which means that the children remain in the care of the LA and could be placed for adoption.

Rubyx Thu 16-Aug-12 16:39:23

Yes they are on an interim care order. It is a social worker who is doing the assessment so far. Previously they talked about starting to assess the grandparents but this is put on hold since the court case and they are now just assessing parents. So will have to wait and see.

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