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Bloody social worker

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maypole1 Tue 11-Oct-11 16:20:13

Tomorrow having a lack meeting and a dissolution meeting

My sw rang me and basically gave me a script of she wants me to say I think this is well out of order she wants me to follow this word for word

Is this common sw trying to tell you want they want you to say in meetings may be because ofsted are in but I have noticed her trying to do this before be it more gently

Today it was just like this is what I would like you to say I was a bit hmm

Secondly have any of you had experiences of allegations.
Please share

SenSationsMad Tue 11-Oct-11 18:11:53

Very weird. We didn't have a dissolution meeting following our little ones being moved on, but we did get an independent reviewer call for a chat over the phone.

Just bumping for you until some with more experience comes along.

My DH and I did a "reducing the risk of allegations" course in July, it's put us both right off.

maypole1 Tue 11-Oct-11 18:57:08

I think its because the child should be leaving in the next couple of weeks but we have a lack review coming up tomorrow any way so I guess they thought they would kill two birds with one stone

Its a long story child was due to be moved in two weeks they now want us to keep fc till after christmas to be honest after two years of them saying this is only temporary a d a couple of weeks more we had Enough
This time they are to stick to their plans and they know me mean it this time

BusterTheDonk Tue 11-Oct-11 19:07:49

Unless I completely agreed with what she wanted me to say, I would not feel comfortable in doing what she's asking. I'd only be comfortable with stating the truth and my opinion. I think she is out of order.

We've not (and pray God never will) had any experience of allegations but I did attend a very scary course all about allegations and procedures to be followed.. why they can happen, what you can do to reduce risk etc etc.

Obviously lots of other people on the course had horrendous stories to tell - made me realise how vulnerable we are as 'carers'.

Why do you ask? smile

maypole1 Tue 11-Oct-11 19:38:30

To be honest I had enough I just gonna say what I think and if they put us on gardening leave then so blinking be it

BusterTheDonk Wed 12-Oct-11 17:52:35

how did it go maypole1? grin

NanaNina Wed 12-Oct-11 23:50:58

Hi Maypole - what exactly is a dissolution meeting? Have never heard of this - what is the purpose?

bonnieslilsister Thu 13-Oct-11 08:44:09

i was wondering that too, i have never heard of it ,and hopefully maypole you managed to say what you think but are still in a job!! xxx

NanaNina Thu 13-Oct-11 12:50:56

Maypole - could it be a disruption meeting. If so they were (obviously still) called when a placement had "broken down" as a sort of post mortem. I honestly thought they had gone out with the dinasours. They were terrible meetings with the fcs feeling blame was being put on them, even though it was stressed that this was not the object of the exercise! It was meant to be a "learning experience" for everyone. Really hope they are not still alive and unwell!!

Hope all is ok for you Maypole

maypole1 Thu 13-Oct-11 18:07:04

Yes sorry it was a disruption meeting

Yes everything was fine in the end new facts came to light during the lack so I didn't have to say anything much in the end they were to busy talking about that

The disruption meeting took place after the lack not during as my support social said that was very out of order to try and have it during the lack .

The guardian said she was disgusted how the childs social worker has handled the whole thing and will be raising this in court
Her words " this is a shambles would some one please explain looks to the childs social worker shall we start with you she says

The placement has not luckily broken down gonna hold on a while longer but I am struggling and they did say two years ago this would only be for 3 weeks every 6 months they say oh a couple of weeks more
This child is supposed to be going home to her dad that's was 4 months ago

The guardian was just as baffled as me to why this child has not be returned after this was ok ed by the court 4 months ago the childs sw could not answer

Personally I think i have been very fair

My pritvate view is dad has done some dodgy things since he got the ok form the court la are trying damage conrol courses and what not but really they don't want to go back and admit they made a mistake and he can't really manage

But thats not fair on us or fc who have been prepared for an ending that should of happened months ago gurr the whole house is on edge every time the phone was ringing I thought right its moving time
I just couldn't take it any more

But like i. Said fc will stay for a few more months then guardian said they would of had to move fc or prepared to go to court and explain why not.

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