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babysitters, support carers

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SingleFosterMum Wed 05-Oct-11 11:48:14

My SW suggested it's a good idea if my babysitter becomes my support carer and could have my fc for weekends etc

I understand I get 28 days holiday (if I choose to take it) does my la then pay for support/respite and does anyone have any idea how much?
I understand it will differ from la to la but just wanted an idea.
Does my babysitter have to go on any training to become a support carer.

I know I should ask my sw but she is very difficult to get hold of!!

BusterTheDonk Wed 05-Oct-11 12:23:49

personally not heard of a 'support carer'... we have a selection of people who are called our 'support network' - i.e. people who can help us out when we need it - illness, clash of appointments etc.

Those looking after FC need to be CRB checked by SSD - even if they have a CRB from another source (crazy but true)

I would imagine that if you NEEDED a break - the LA would arrange respite at their expense - and that would be other approved Foster Carers - not someone you had nominated iyswim

28 days holiday - boy, they sold that one to you didn't they!!! Or maybe not.. shock we don't get any 'holidays' i.e. time away from the kids - we do get upto 8 weeks allowance paid inbetween placements, but can't just take a day off cos we want too.

Also, unless legalities/practicalities prevent it, it is looked at very disapprovingly if you choose not to take a FC away on holiday with you.. - in these instances respite care (again, some existing Foster Carer) looks after the kids (at the LA's expense - but then again, you wouldn't get your allowance if you've not got the kids). Unless for the reasons stated above, I personally could not imagine going away without the kids.

Gosh, I would love to have a set number of days "holiday" given to me - whatever will they think of next... allowing us to go off sick?? wink

Sorry if that's not helped... I'm not sure of the concept of 'support carer' in those terms you talk about

shaz298 Wed 05-Oct-11 12:52:13

I know of someone who is a carer and has been for a long time. Her son recently went through the process and was approved as a respite carer ( for her only) and now if she is taking time out he will have the children but will be paid the respite carer's rate instead of doing it for free.

Not sure how I feel about it as it shouldn't be for money, but the organisation obviously thought it was a good idea.

It does mean that the children can stay in their home with someone who is a part of the family ( he still stays at home) and do not have to go somewhere else, which is good for them..........

shaz298 Wed 05-Oct-11 12:55:14

Forgot to add: Certainly in Scotland ( not sur eabout rest of UK) Foster Carers are going to be given more scope regarding babysitters etc. The new PVG system will mean that occasional babysitters won't need to be CRB/disclosured but the foster carer will be expected to use common sense of judgement to ensure its a suitable sitter.

Although, in principle, this is a bit more 'normal' for the children and could make life much easier for both foster children and carers, it would seem there will then be more responsibility on the foster carer if they make a decision and for whatever reason it all goes pear shaped. Need to check the ins and outs a bit further.

SingleFosterMum Wed 05-Oct-11 14:32:17

I personally could not imagine going away without the kids. busterthedonk that is your choice, it doesn't make me a less caring foster carer if i choose to do this.

I don't plan on going on holiday without my foster child but if I can't get a passport in time then I will.

My La encourage you to take the 28 days, sometimes you may need time with your own child, sometimes you may just need time on your own.
They actually said to us, you don't get any brownie points by not taking your holidays. I can imagine some placements are quite stressful and you may need a break.

Shaz the crb madness hasn't changed here yet, one of my sitters works with children and has a good few crb's but still needs another one!

As you may gather I am a single foster carer, I agreed to do temporary or respite but as I thought may happen my first placement is probably going to be here a while.
I was more meaning me going away for a weekend without my foster child or my bio child. At least then they'll both think I don't care about them rather than just my foster child!

SingleFosterMum Wed 05-Oct-11 14:35:27

Oh and busterthedonk if you read my post I explained that my sw suggested my babysitter became my support carer then my fc is used to her and not being sent to a stranger.

BusterTheDonk Wed 05-Oct-11 17:52:12

Sorry for expressing an opinion SFM.. that is why i said PERSONALLY - it is exactly that - my opinion.. I wasn't judging anyone who did.. just saying for me it wasn't an option... and yes I did read your post - I didn't say I don't agree with the idea of a support carer - just that I hadn't heard of it and how it was done in our LA

Obviously offended you sad

Please get down carefully of your very high horse

I for one thought we where here to support each other not be like the witches other people on some other parts to Mumsnet... shock

SingleFosterMum Wed 05-Oct-11 19:46:16

I came on here for help and support and you judged me, laughed at me and disapproved of me! All in one post, well done!

I would imagine that if you NEEDED a break judging - why put needed in capitals if you weren't judging????

28 days holiday - boy, they sold that one to you didn't they!!! Laughing at me there - but it is a FACT that we can have 28 days holiday.

Unless for the reasons stated above, I personally could not imagine going away without the kids. very disapproving in my book.

Your first post was horrible and so was your second. Like I said I came on here for support not nastiness so please don't respond if you can't do so without making snide comments.

SingleFosterMum Wed 05-Oct-11 19:50:32

I would imagine that if you NEEDED a break - the LA would arrange respite at their expense - and that would be other approved Foster Carers - not someone you had nominated iyswim forgot to add disagreeing in the pot aswell!

BusterTheDonk Wed 05-Oct-11 20:18:00

I for one thought we were here to support each other - fostering is wonderful and rewarding (to me) yet at times we all need support, help & advice - well ok - me anyway

so sorry that you have completely taken my replies the wrong way... I use this forum for support, and have NEVER EVER judged anyone - what a crap foster carer I'd be if I JUDGED anyone.. we are all entitled to our opinions, we are all grown ups... whether we agree with each other or not - we post on here to solicit advice & opinions... maybe we don't agree with those given, but that is what makes a healthy debate in my opinion. One thing I have learnt very quickly about fostering is that every LA/IFA is hugely different and what someone may have offered to them, is very often hugely different to what other people experience.

I shall not post on this thread again - I do not want to 'dirty' this very valuable forum will the sillyness I have seen elsewhere on mumsnet - this fostering forum does not deserve this type of 'banter'

I wish you well in your fostering career.

NanaNina Wed 05-Oct-11 20:58:08

Busterthedonk - hope you pop back in because I think you are absolutely right and singlefostermum I think you are being tremendously unfair and a
touch paranoid - I was going to respond to your post but won't bother now.

FWIW - this is the first time I have ever seen an unsupportive comment on this thread. As BtheD says this is a supportive thread and should stay that way!

bonnieslilsister Wed 05-Oct-11 22:52:11

what is your problem singlefostermum? you asked a question and buster gave you a clear answer. buster dont leave just cos someone is being super sensitive. i like you grin

BusterTheDonk Thu 06-Oct-11 09:31:42

Oh guys.. thanks... I just meant this particular silly conversation - there is no way I'd leave the fostering forum.. (plus I'm far too thick skinned - guess that comes with fostering!)

Damn.. I've just posted on this thread after I said I wouldn't... aahhh

Oh and guys... I like you all too grin

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