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Some information needed....

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Firestone Thu 15-Sep-11 19:41:06

My DSD has told us that her mum and SD are considering becoming foster carers, and have had a home visit. We are a little concerned about this for a number of reasons but before we try broaching it with them we thought it might be helpful to get a bit of info, if anyone could help I'd be v grateful?

Does there have to be an adult at the house all the time e.g. a SAHP figure? At present both adults in the house work outside the home to dome degree one with very varied patterns so can be away etc.

There are four children resident all or part of the time between 13 and 6, would this affect the ages of the children placed?

Would my DH be asked/informed if they were accepted as foster carers? (I know in some ways it isn't any of our business but in others it is ifyswim?)

I should say I think foster carers do a remarkable job, and balance the needs of both foster children and their bio children very well. Our concerns are not around fostering per se (I work pretty closely with the Leaving Care Team and my mum's a former CP SW) but about family dynamic issues and how fostering could impact that.


chocaholic2011 Thu 15-Sep-11 20:44:05


Local authorities can differ on rules

They usually like the foster child to youngest by 2 years.

If the child was 0-5 someone would need to be home full time.

Your DH would have to give a reference and would have the opportunity to speak to their SW to raise any concerns. I could be wrong, but my understanding is if he doesnt agree they cannot foster. However I think the reference is mainly to check your DH has no child protection concerns, rather than to get a character ref - lol

Most of the meetings/contact etc i find are during the school day so wouldn't really affect your DH's children.

We have older children and are fostering a baby and I have to say its the best job in the world and my children 12 & 14 love having the LO and report NO negatives!

If its not too personal perhaps you could let us know what your concerns are and then am sure all the wise ones on here will be able to give you some answers.

I think quite a lot of people are put off when they find out what is involved also the Foster child would need to have its own room etc so they may not go ahead anyway???

NanaNina Thu 15-Sep-11 23:46:32

Sorry to say firestone but I think you are right when you say this is none of your business and prospective foster carers have to undergo very comprehensive assessments, so rest assured any difficulties would be picked up.

As far as your DH is concerned he would not have to give a reference. He would however be interviewed as a previous partner of the female prospective foster carer, which is good practice. Chocaholic is right - it is mainly to see if the previous partner has any child protection concerns. However she is incorrect in saying that if your DH does not agree, this would prevent his ex wife/partner to foster.

Firestone Fri 16-Sep-11 07:37:24

Thanks for the advice. It is pretty much as I thought. The family issues are complex and I don't want to out myself.

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