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Lesson learned!

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MissVerinder Tue 09-Aug-11 15:55:59

Well, it seems NP has now taken a bit of a dislike to me, and has "mentioned" a couple of things to the contact worker, not least the fact she thinks DFC "has gone backwards since being in foster care," and the fact that I put her in a dress and trainers.

Well, I suppose I should count myself lucky that's all it is.

Still knocked my duck off though! <sulking emoticon>

anji9012 Tue 09-Aug-11 16:47:48

Unfortunately this is common place, our parenting skills are never as good as theirs!

take a deep breath and ignore! and again, and again

p99gmb Tue 09-Aug-11 18:01:15

poor you.. one of the many knocks we have to take on the chin - and then sulk about in private...

don't take it personally, I'm sure in mum's opinion no-one could look after her dd as good as her!!! (tongue in cheek emotion) - she just feels threatened by you....

Do your best - be professional & come on here and get it off your chest!!

Chin up grin

MissVerinder Tue 09-Aug-11 19:07:57

Thank you. I am definitely sulking, but only to myself grin

To put things in perspective, DFC did say her first ever proper intelligble word today smile it was "peppa" in a very proper little girl voice rather than the baby noises she usually uses, I was so happy I about cried!

She is lovely. Hard work but lovely.

Obv. can't say much about the circumstances in which she came to us, but I think the fact she might have gone backwards is probably due to her experience rather than my skills as a foster carer sad

Juey1 Wed 10-Aug-11 14:20:34

Huni take what is said as a pinch of salt I am sure you are doing a wonderful job and DFC saying her first proper word so soon after coming to you shows it xx

bonnieslilsister Wed 10-Aug-11 14:44:04

Please dont take offence MissV that will happen with probably all many of the parents. Just remember her child is accomodated not yours!!

I think there can be a tendency, amongst a lot of the parents we see, to blame everyone else for what has happened and also I guess it must be hard to see your child flourish when they have been removed from you.

It is also hard for them when they see their child dressed differently. I guess it would be like us seeing our child in say a Rangers outfit when they normally wore stuff from Next!!

maypole1 Thu 11-Aug-11 00:05:23

Yes totally agree I am having a battle with hair at the moment every time I do little ones hair mum un dose it t contact.


scarlet5tyger Thu 11-Aug-11 13:47:51

Little One will go backwards with every move she has to make - you'll often be able to spot a difference even just after contact.

I try to put my FC in clothes from parents whenever we have contact (even if they're too small, grubby or falling apart) then change them when we get back home. I've found clothes to be one of the most contentious issues and am always glad when I get parents who just want their child in simple, practical clothes rather than lacy frills or expensive designer labels!

Make sure you note down any "issues" like this while you remember all details as I've had them raised at LAC reviews months later when I'd forgotten all about them. This way you can be prepared with all facts.

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