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How did it go Rubyx?

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p99gmb Tue 26-Jul-11 17:37:57

How was panel and did you get approved?? Hope so x x

Rubyx Wed 27-Jul-11 07:51:41

Yes, i got approved it was so quick in the end... the social worker went in first and 10 mins later they called us and asked a few quick questions, how did you find the process, the workshop, what will you do to integrate the child into your home and community. Ours was done by video conferencing, so they switched off for 3/5 mins and gave us a yes. It was funny in that one of the social workers had already said before we went in to face the panel that this other lady there was doing to be our social worker ( as we were assessed by an independant lady) So glad it's over and so excited now ( but we will see how long we have to wait )
Are you fostering or in the process?

Rubyx Wed 27-Jul-11 07:58:18

Sorry i just read your post again, you are already fostering. I'm generally a patient person but so excited to have a child, hope you are enjoying your placements ( challenges and all)

p99gmb Wed 27-Jul-11 12:25:24

lets hope its not too long a wait for you... are you with an LA? What age range and how many are you approved for??

We got approved last Aug and 9 days later 2 LO's arrived (on my bday) - supposedly for 2 months, and they are still here and its only just gone to a Court Order.... (mixture of emotions)

I love them to bits - thankfully we have a great SW and I get on well with the kids SW... I block out the thought of them moving on even though I know it is the right thing for them.

It took us both a while to get used to the 'jargon' and the way (sometimes crazy) things are done, not getting too close to 'mum', but its been a steep learning curve and we've got plenty more to learn yet...

Here's hoping you love your new 'job' (lol) as much - keep in touch x x

Rubyx Wed 27-Jul-11 14:21:05

We are with National fostering and approved for 0 to 18 with preference for 0 to 12.. 2 kids as we have a double and a single room free.
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