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Testing times

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caz2go Wed 22-Jun-11 09:22:20

Hiya ,Oh dear ,just had the week from hell ,the sweet 9yr old whos been with us on a permanent placement since last september,suddenly turned into hell girl lol .
She refused to be near me constantly rejecting any hugs etc,after being such an affectionate child ,she has destroyed some of her well loved possesions (including her laptop provided by ss),destroyed several items of her clothing ,she bullied our lovely old dog who she usually loves to bits ,my grandchildren have also been on the recieving end of her temper (only verbally) we couldnt get her to wash and shower,and she usually takes pride in her appearance.
It really seemed as though she was pushing the boundaries to extreme to see how far she could go . we took the tv out of her room ,explaining to her she could have it back when we were sure she would not destroy it ,this didnt seem to bother her one bit .OH and myself had a long chat with fd monday morning ,told her we loved her and we were not giving up on her .
She looked so happy and relieved to hear this ,as if she was expecting us to say" we,ve had enough of you ".
We think this could be the answer ,she is probably waiting for us to give up on her ,which has happened in previous placements.
She is back to her sweet self this week and seems really happy and settled again .No doubt this will happen again and we will be more prepared for it ,we didnt decide to foster for an easy ride and to be honest this is the worst week we,ve had so can,t complain at all .
Bye for now Caz x smile

shaz298 Wed 22-Jun-11 10:33:51

Caz, well done for working out what the issue was and dealing with it so well. You FD will remember that for a long time smile

caz2go Wed 22-Jun-11 16:11:18

Thankyou Shaz ,you learn about this type of behavior at fostering prep courses but when its actually happening its hard to think rationally as it really takes over everything .
Anyway things seem to have calmed down again thankfully ,well apart from food pinching (the lovely ham hock i,d cooked for tea !!) but she,s always done this lol .
Caz x

mumsiepie Wed 22-Jun-11 17:37:15

Well done Caz, that was obviously what she needed to hear. Hopefully the food pinching dies down too! xx

nailak Wed 22-Jun-11 17:42:29

that is so lovely, made me cry a bit, i am happy foster carers like you are out there.

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