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chocaholic2011 Tue 21-Jun-11 11:53:22

Hi all

Hope all you lo's are doing well!

Just attempting to start the dreaded CWDC task!! Has anyone got any tips! What I really mean is a book or something which has all the answers in fancy speak - lol!

Loving fostering, but CWDC does not look like fun way to spend my spare few mins while lo at contact! Any short cuts welcome!

SW did explain quenstion 1 and show me how to answer it, I nodded in all the right places but was really thinking "WHAT" lol

ANy help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance


p99gmb Tue 21-Jun-11 12:57:40

Well, we were lucky in that our LA ran a workshop and we worked through everything together - my SSW had to attend and mark it too...

I think it looks harder than it is... once you "know" HOW to answer the questions it is actually quite easy (or is that just because I had my hand held through most of the stages... probably)...

I think a responsible SSW should work through it with you...

I do agree though - when I first saw it my heart sank and I wondered where on earth I'd find the time to do this rubbish good qualification..

I'm not aware of any books (altho look on the CWDC website) other than my completed one of course!!

Do you go to any fostering support groups within your LA where you could couple up with others going through it... we were told we had 12 months from approval to finish it..

If you get really stuck, I can get my folder back from SSW and tell you what I answered for Q1 to give you an idea...

Good luck!!!

chocaholic2011 Tue 21-Jun-11 13:18:08

Thanks p99 Good ideas!

Good idea to team up with other FC altho don't really know any well and may just make me feel even thicker if they aren't struggling.

Have gota get seriously started as SW has just started me off and we are 8m post approval!

Hade done similar NVQ type childcare courses but they all came with text books which saved having to use any actual brain power!! yay!


p99gmb Tue 21-Jun-11 14:13:14

I was on our course with serious old timers in the fostering world and they didn't have a clue either about how to answer it so I wouldn't worry about appearing thick!!! I think we all felt the same level... basic!! lol

I'll ask my SSW for the folder back just in case!!

Gosh, I was so lucky they put the course on.. smile phew...

psiloveyou Tue 21-Jun-11 17:47:10

Hi chocaholic it is amazing how simple you can make the answers. No brain power is needed once you get started. I was really finding it hard until my FPSW showed me a copy another carer had done. I was making it much more difficult than I needed to.

I found it much easier to do online. I'm going to look at mine then I will come back later with examples of how I answered some questions. Hopefully that may help you see how simple you can get away with keeping it.

What age group do you care for?.

AS an older carer I had 3 years to do it. I handed it the day before the deadline. I do feel sorry for new carers, I don't get how you can do it with very little actual fostering experience.

chocaholic2011 Sun 26-Jun-11 09:20:55

Hi PS we have a target age of 0-5 but have our first placement of a newborn (well 3m now)!

Have started work and am finding it even harder than I thought I would! Don't think its helped by having 3 kids, husband, dog and house to look after (as we all do I know).

It would be great if you could give me an example - thanks so much


mumsiepie Sun 26-Jun-11 14:38:35

How do you mean you have started work, Chocaholic? Do you work as well as foster?

fostermumtomany Mon 27-Jun-11 00:41:23

i just finished mine it took 10 hours start to finish!
my la told me that all la's are to hand out worksheets. a bit like an idiots guide to the cwdc. this is what enabled me to finish mine in 10 hours.
they really are simple just worded difficulty.
if you like you can message me back and forwards and i will explain the questions you are stuck on to you to you. mine went in for marking 2 weeks ago and i got it back on friday with full marks. i also made a copy so i have all the answers here.
let me know x

chocaholic2011 Tue 28-Jun-11 12:22:54

Wow thats brilliant! I spent hours (prob 2 felt like 20 - lol) and have not completed much at all! just scared myself!!Feel like its hanging over my head like a big black cloud sad (Just like the one outside which is about to become a storm-lol)

Does anyone have these work sheets? An Idiots guide is def what I need! SW hasn'tmentioned anything like that or any help available!

Thanks everyone you have been so kind to offer help! Foster mum to many I fear it would be a full time job if i messaged you my problem ones - my mind goes blank!!

If you dont mind letting,me know an example answer to Standard 3 item 2. Accomodation it might help me understand how they want them answered.

Thanks so much you are all stars!!


maypole1 Tue 28-Jun-11 14:02:42

can you post the question and we can help

chocaholic2011 Tue 28-Jun-11 15:18:42

Hi Its how to keep your home free of hazards that might be risk to young children

a) How do these responsibilities apply to

Electrical Safety
Use Socket covers. All electrical work by qualified engineer???

HAzardous Substances
All Shampoos etc stored out of reach. Cleaning soloutions in high cupboard??

Play equipment.
Cleaned With anti bac wipes and checked daily for damage??

b)Prevent spread of infections

Teach good hygiene, tissues, handwashing use anti bac wipes

How do we dispose of infected material????? wrapped in bin?? thats prob wrong

3 potential fire hazards

Dont smoke don't allow anyone else to smoke in house

Chip pan
Don't use them

need another one

What do you do in case of fire???

Get out !!!!


mumsiepie Tue 28-Jun-11 21:09:02

What about pulling plugs out at night?

maypole1 Tue 28-Jun-11 22:01:18

I think your doing fine try not to over think things

The only thing I would say you could probably mention going trough with the children what to do in a fire.

p99gmb Wed 29-Jun-11 08:21:50

play equipment - ensure it is 'age appropriate'
electric - check flexes for breaks/kinks regularly, ensure no 'trip' hazards from cables, have any electrical items used by children 'pap' tested annually

Apparently ever foster carer should have a fire evacuation plan in place
- ensure access to keys for locked windows is possible
- run through with older children how to get out in various situations depending on where the fire is

Its endless!!! They told us covering basic items and demonstrating a knowledge was sufficient, it doesn't have to be every single item!

Keep smiling smile

NanaNina Wed 29-Jun-11 20:43:10

This sounds like the old Health & Safety checklist we always did before CWDC - I retired before that came in. I think it's just appalling that so many of you are worrying about this - what the heck are your link workers doing - they should be assisting you - by way of a meeting or individual workers assisting their carers. Foster carers were meant to complete the H & S checklist (which got longer and longer) but I always did it - in fairness it was only a tick box but there was a space for comments. It's ridiculous to expect foster carers to spend 10 hours on this - and what happens to it when it's completed? If it is the H& S check (and it sounds like it) this had to be done obviously before the applicants went to panel. Sometimes there would be issues that needed to be addressed and if that involved considerable expense, then we as a LA agreed that it would not be fair to ask applicants to spend money before approval, and so the approval was given subject to the H & S issue beign addressed.

I am always amazed on these threads that so many of you are not assertive enough with the social workers - someone said she nodded and pretended she understood - another that she was afraid others would think she was thick. This makes me very sad - foster carers are like gold dust and should be assisted in their incredibily hard task, by social workers, not left to worry over some stupid form. Often the social workers themselves don't understand these forms (especially if they are new and inexperienced) - you could contact Fostering Network (national organisation for foster carers) for info on these forms and I'm sure they will be helpful but will also I suspect encourage you to get help from your link worker.

chocaholic2011 Wed 24-Aug-11 12:52:32

Sorry me again!!HELP

doing standard 4 - communication

Info which should be passed on to parents - ive put health, school achievements? anything else??

What should happen to info a FC might pass on to you - i've put record and pass to SW?

Example of a decision you should consult with parent? weaning/haircut???

confidentional information you should not share with parent? disclosure of abuse??

What do you think? am I along the right lines or missing the obvious!! lol

If anyone is currently working on CWDC and wants to " buddy up" pls get in touch - also if anyone wants to sell me their book answers -pls get in touch (only joking - a bit)lol!!!!

scarlet5tyger Wed 24-Aug-11 19:51:27

I've just finished mine but it sounds really different to yours! Did they do different books for different areas of the Country??? I stressed over mine for 2 years but once I finally sat down to do it with my support worker it was much more straightforward than I'd made it in my head. I did have to pack the kids off for the day so I could concentrate though.

Just looking at your last post though Choc, I'd agree with everything you've put but might also add:

1) Any special events or trips taken (birthday parties, zoo trips etc), milestone achievements (first tooth, first steps etc) - I foster babies

2) Can't think of anything to add

3) Perhaps planned holidays?

4) Care plans or decisions made by SS - I always let child's SW pass on any long term plans and keep my conversations with parents on day to day matters.

Not sure if any of this helps as your ideas already seem fine to me!

chocaholic2011 Mon 12-Sep-11 12:44:20

Thanks Scarlet- I thought the CWDC book was standard??

Sorry hassling you all again, Question on CWDC again, not really sure what answer they are looking for??

"What are the responsibilities of your fostering service and of foster carers for protecting and safeguarding children" Does it mean some sort of specific quotes from children Act or something???

Help AAAARRRRGGGGG! gota finish this thing this month too b4 our first review???!


SimplyTes Mon 12-Sep-11 13:52:05

Hello, I have been fostering for about 6 months and have to finish my CWDC asap. I have completed training on and along with three day training course have completed all standards - just need to fill out booklet. Can you ask your agency/council to enroll you on relevant on-line courses? They include, promoting positive contact, keeping records, child protection awareness etc.

Tip: Keep refering to ECM - every child matters and the five rules.

psiloveyou Mon 12-Sep-11 16:57:39

FFS I have just typed a massive reply to that question chocoholic but it disappeared.

Need to cook tea now but will do it again when the LOs are all in bed.
Can I ask, what LA are you with?. I have passed my CWDC on to several other carers with my FPSWs approval. They don't care how it gets done as long as they are completed. If you happen to work for my LA I will happily e mail you a copy. If not could your SW put you in touch with another carer who will let you have a look at theirs.
Is the question you ask about in standard 6 because mine is worded slightly differently.
The answers you are giving are great by the way.

chocaholic2011 Wed 14-Sep-11 20:26:02

Right last one - I promise (hopefully)

Standard 3 question 1 What health and safety legislation applies to you in your role as foster carer and give 2 examples of things which could happen which could break these laws???

errrr... i dunno lol

Kahuna Thu 15-Sep-11 08:03:29

Hi, I have had my CWDC signed off.

Std3 Q1 – they are looking for you to show awareness of National Minimum Standard 6.

I quoted Std6.6 "The home and immediate environment should be free of avoidable hazards that might expose a child to risk of injury or harm and contain safety barriers and equipment appropriate to the child's age, development and level of ability".

Then went on to explain what safety measures I had put in place for the LAC’s – plug socket covers, safety gates etc….

Then I quoted National Minimum Standard 6.8: “Where the foster carer is expected to provide transport for the child, the fostering service ensures this is safe and appropriate to the child’s needs”.

Then went on to describe how my car is insured, MOT’d – tyres, water oil checks – appropriate car seats etc….

Don’t get bogged down with the “sample question” bit….you’ll be there for ever if you answer all those too….
And remember, where it says “show an awareness” they are looking for an answer to related legislation/practices – you do not have to provide examples.
If the question reads Demonstrate…then you should provide an example of where you have put the legislation into practice with the LAC in your care…

Hope this helps. PM me if you would like anything else.

chocaholic2011 Thu 15-Sep-11 09:16:17

Thanks Kahuna

I thought I had to find a specific law? But could only find health and safety at work stuff and was sure that wasn't right - lol

All I have done is answer all the sample questions as I thought that was what we had to do and it has taken me MONTHS!! This was my last question!!!Do you think that will be ok? Cant face having to do it all again!!!

Will do what you said for that thanks again - am sure I have over done it all !!


Kahuna Thu 15-Sep-11 11:03:49

Oh dear, shame no one told you about the “sample” questions bit before – would have saved you loads of time and effort.
Not to worry though, you will find that the extra work you have done now will be useful for your Band 2 workbook!!

fostermumtomany Fri 30-Sep-11 02:59:47

for the legislation bit and policies and procedures section, go on your la's website, everything will be on ther somewhere but you may have to dig for it lol.

im shocked at everyone sayng it has to be completed within 12 months of approval?
we didnt even receive ours until we had been fostering for almost 3 years! then just as i finished there was talk of doing away with it (so says my sw) then they changed their minds and have now decided that not only do you have to have cwdc, you also have to have four mandatory training courses completed, which include:
child protection awareness,
attachment and loss,
equality and diversity,
communicating with children and young people, all of which can be don eonline through akamas (Ask your sw)

and now my sw told me yesterday that as well as those they also require us to do a course on effective record keeping.(again online).
these are not just for our la they are mandatory for all carers nationwide as decided by the government.
also she wants me to undertake nvq 3 which she tells me all carers will have to undertake within the next 2 years (again nationwide all carers),
plus we have also been told we HAVE to attend monthly support groups or our fostering allowance will reduce as it is now on a tier payment method, tier 1 tier 2 and tier 3. differing amounts for differnet experience and training levels, tier one if friends and family carers, tier 2 is basically task centred carers and 3 is for your fostering focus carers (difficult placements or special needs).
if you fail to attend support groups you will be demoted to tier one.
me thinks they are going to lose carers in their droves!
anyway i digress, i have some leaflets here for cwdc, pm your address and i will post them to you, they do hold some answers to a few questions and were extremely helpful when doing mine.
hope this helps and sorry for whittering on!!!

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