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Had to share :)

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SquidgyBrain Mon 06-Jun-11 14:30:16

We have 3 young DC's and I do question if we are doing the right think by them, being a family who foster.

but DS1 had given me some assurance that he is ok with it grin. He had a bad nightmare on Saturday night, and I was chatting to him in the morning, and he told me all about the nightmare, and then added but there was a good bit to my dream "we got 2 little foster babies come and live with us"

Made me smile smile

maypole1 Mon 06-Jun-11 16:15:13

That's really nice what a lovely dd

shaz298 Mon 06-Jun-11 20:13:19

Aw Squidgy that's lovely. xxx

mumsiepie Mon 06-Jun-11 22:18:36

That would be a good dream in our house too!! xx

bottersnike Tue 07-Jun-11 08:26:43

That's lovely, we have young dc too, and so far they seem excited about the prospect of foster babies / toddlers. Hopefully we'll find out soon (approved ten days ago, now just waiting for the call...)

thumbwitch Tue 07-Jun-11 08:28:24

Oh that is lovely - thank you for sharing it! smile

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