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A blip for us :(

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shaz298 Sun 29-May-11 09:57:53

Hi All,

We went to panel on 18th May and I posted that we'd been approved which was fabby. Well papaers went to the decision maker and she sent them back to panel because several checks hadn't been done!!! Seems there is a new decision maker and she is being very very picky. TBH these things should have been picked up before we went to panel by our SSW senior but never mind.

Not anticipating any problems, just need to get a police check done for hubby for the time he lived in Holand ( He's Dutch) and some references from my long ago employers because I worked in child-care.

Papers should go back to panel on 17th June but I suspect it will end up being July as the Dutch system is renowned for is beaurocracy and time it takes to do things............

A bit frustrating but at least we should then be able to get my son's surgery out of the way before we get a call, which is a good thing for everyone.

A bit deflated, but never mind. The checks need to be done and quite rightly so. xx

p99gmb Sun 29-May-11 18:15:06

Owww.. how frustrating... still.. like you say, its right and proper but annoying that these weren't picked up at the time..

We very nearly had something similar.. panel picked up that we'd lived abroad and needed a CRB from that country... luckily we did this before we moved back to the UK and had the CRB paperwork at home... otherwise we'd have had at least a 6 month delay in getting it (Spain!!!!).. phew... nearly.. use this time to get prepared, both physically & mentally... it'll happen when it happens and all in good time... wink

mumsiepie Sun 29-May-11 21:35:11

Oh Shaz, I am so sorry for you! Keep telling yourself it is just a delay, that's all. xx

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