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p99gmb Fri 18-Mar-11 09:25:36

CheeseEnforcementAgency Wed 23-Mar-11 06:38:47

We do passports when children are going to be in care long term, for ID purposes but also some are difficult to get due to lack of certification. This saves the child trying as a young adult. If parents refuse permission for a holiday , SS can over ride it as a CO gives PR to the LA. Usually comes from higher thanSW though to cover backs.

caz2go Wed 23-Mar-11 09:35:51

The 10 yr old lo is with us on a permanent placement .
I must say her s/w was on the ball and had her new passport sorted within a couple of months .
We are taking her abroad twice this year ,and recieved 2 letters of authority signed by s/w manager ,albeit 1 has an error regarding where we are going and needs to be changed ,but hey ho not bad in the scale of things eh .
caz x

Devondiver Tue 25-Jun-13 09:21:47

Advice please for a newbie.
We had our panel yesterday as new foster carers looking at long term sibling placement .
My husband and I have both been married before and have children. His daughter is with mum, me two sons one independent with girlfriend and her child, other about to go to uni and lives with his father S he doesn't like my husband.
Needless to say complex corm F. Panels only questions were directed to me, none asked of husband. Outcome was go away and do some work not enough light and fluffy stuff and felt children not in equation. Both us and social worker stunned at prospect of 3/6 months and potential voluntary work in order to prove ourselves. I would have thought that it was obvious that children were central after all this was a foster panel not an application at a bank for a loan. Advice would be greatfully appreciated.

fasparent Tue 25-Jun-13 11:50:12

Some years ago our FC did a Heroic deed, Press got hold of it was on National TV and in the press, was on Blue Peter he got a Blue Peter Gold Award. Too late too with whole press ect: But still got a rollicking from LA., But sure they were proud, and paid for further presentation and accommodation expense's at a Royal event .
If we had perused silly regulations he would not have received recognition of his bravery . Still media were main players in this broached all area's, despite being asked too conform with confidentiality

Roshbegosh Tue 25-Jun-13 20:24:01

Yes we are asked for the travel permission letter every time on returning to UK but we can leave, no problem.

Roshbegosh Tue 25-Jun-13 20:29:02

The press thing could be important though, if their birth families can find them because of it and shouldn't. Our FC isn't to be in any published pictures. It would be awful for him to lose out on an award like you describe though.

fasparent Wed 26-Jun-13 11:36:01

Agree with what you say Rosh , We have had quite a few Children that have had Success and Achievement at National Standard's, Competed for team GB on several occasion's, so no flukes. They see others in the limelight etc. Have too develop an attitude of all in a day's work, what their real thoughts are ??? when at times what they need is recognitions and community support. Rather an awards day at LA's looked after children's achievement award's night. Mine elected not too go after the 1st one. They just want too be normal treated the same as their piers and team mates.

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