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I hate social workers

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NanaNina Sat 02-Mar-13 21:38:30

Just to say Fostering that isn't the "current ethos" about keeping children with their family. It is an absolute duty and is enshrined in every piece of legislation since 1948. The Children Act 1989 went further and made it a duty for sws to work in partnership with families even when there is a risk of abuse/neglect. Of course that's easier than it sounds, but I can say thta no sw would dare to go to court to request a Care Order unless they could evidence that they had done everything in their power to prevent the removal of the children.

Zombie thread.

Locketjuice Mon 25-Feb-13 14:06:59

Hmm. Doesn't make sense to me.

Muminnocent Mon 25-Feb-13 13:49:47

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

happymandy Mon 07-Mar-11 19:07:49

I went to ss for support as I was traped with this bad man he hit me and my son I so needed help from them and they told me there was nothing they could do. Two months later they took my children into care because of the same reason I went to them in the first place they told me I was a bad mother and I would not have my children home and I would not see my children again and it was all my fauit and what I put my children though what I did was got myself a good solicitor and I had a big fight on my hands I was the one that did the courses,therapy,anything to turn things around and found out though therapy that the reason I went with this man because my childhood was the same and it was normal to me it was what I grow up with getting hit punch and kicked and being locked up in my bedroom for hours I won this battle as my two children came home 2007 and last year I manage to get rid of there care order and they have to now close my case April 2011 I am so very happy I won this fight I how love my children and I am now a good mother to them I have got all support i need from friends I was the won how got the support as I never had any from ss they done nothing from me aprt from put me down and tell me what to do Thats why I had social services they are rubbish and I am very hurt for what they have put us though

pinkchoccy Mon 07-Mar-11 09:26:18

It seems there are good and bad in every job.

littleflora Sun 06-Mar-11 23:02:14

Hello HappyMandy.

What is your story? I have dealt with SW's for a long time. Some are fantastic. Others are not worthy of breathing the same air as me. wink

NorthernGobshite Sun 06-Mar-11 22:11:46

You don't mention why your children were in care I notice?

fostering Sun 06-Mar-11 21:58:13

OP - hope it all works out for you.

Just wanted to warn you though......As a foster carer, I have had several placements and when I've read their history their cases are often closed, then opened, then closed then the children come back into care.

Make sure that when you move you do get any support that you need for example from sure start and know that SW's do have a hard job and are reluctant to take children into care as the current ethos is to keep families together. SW's normally do try everything they can to leave children with their parents.

BuzzLiteBeer Sun 06-Mar-11 21:45:48


fishtankneedscleaning Sun 06-Mar-11 21:44:14

Yes I hate SOME SW's too. But for very different reasons. smile

happymandy Sun 06-Mar-11 19:31:10

I haved sw for 6 years and its been very hard they dont support us they have told me what to in my own house says that my children are theres I have been fighting for 6 years I got my children home from care without the support from them its been a long term fight if we see the old sw she gives us a bad look this upsets my daughter I am hoping to move in ywo weeks and cant wait as social services are just down the road in our housing estate move in a year ago and I HATE IT they are now closing our case April 2011 and I cant waight to get rid of them iuts been a long fight and I hate all of them

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