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Rehabilitation Programmes

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p99gmb Thu 02-Dec-10 15:51:00

Hi guys,

just looking for some stories of rehab programmes where the LO's have been returned to parents...

Not that ours are ready to go back to Mum - but it worries me that from a very false contact scenario, it will all be too much for her.. the reason they are here is that she felt like she couldn't cope (and couldn't by all accounts) - she's only a babe herself - 20.

I want to offer that maybe we share the care for as long as its needed really - or is that too confusing for the kids?

Then again, is it me not being able to let go and worry about them - at least if its a gradual move back, I get to see them and be able to get a feel for how its going, and if any of their bad behaviour is coming back - or will it naturally come back due to the move (we are very attached to each other).

I'd love to hear some of your stories so that when I talk to both my link worker & the LO's SW I can have some good ideas and quote you wonderful people!!


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