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a day in your life

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lulubooboo Thu 18-Nov-10 16:47:24

Ok this is my last post I promise!!
Foster carers, please give me an insight into your daily life.
What did you do today from start to finish?

p99gmb Thu 18-Nov-10 19:21:54

I started at about 01:00 and kids now in bed & I'm making tea, getting breakfast ready, washing machine on, tumble dryer on, dishwasher on.

To be fair, kids are ill so was up on and off from 1 am this morning.

kids woke up 07:45 (I know, aren't we lucky).

Had little nap and then I waited for the call to say mum had turned up for contact. left house at 13:50 and arrived back after ccontact collection 16:30.

Made & had tea for kids, watched ITNG, bath, ring a ring a roses then bed for 7pm..

And I know for sure, we have it easy!!!!!


SquidgyBrain Fri 19-Nov-10 09:46:54

7.20 - alarm goes off
7.50 - I finally drag myself out of bed
8.10 - have all 4 kids sitting eating breakfast
8.20 - kids getting dressed (clothes laid out the night before)
8.30 - hair brushed, teeth brushed, faces washed
8.45 - leave the house to go to drop off my 3 kids at school, LO drinks his bottle sitting in the buggy
9.20 - arrived back home with just the LO
10.00 - drop the LO at contact 7 miles away
11.25 - leave the house to collect DS2 from nursery
11.45 - LO is dropped off from contact
12.00 - make lunch for LO and DS2
13.20 - give LO his bottle
13.30 - put LO down for his nap
14.30 - get LOL up from his nap
15.00 - leave the house to go collect DS1 and DD from school
15.35 - arrive back home
15.45 - homework time for DS1 & DD
16.30 - bath time - bath LO first, get him out and put him in the baby chair and let him watch cbeebies till I bath the other 3
17.10 - prepare the dinner, and make the kids packed lunches for the following day LO sits in his highchair nibbling on finger foods, or pulls all the bibs and tea towels out of some drawers
17.45 - DH arrives home we all have dinner together
18.30 - story time
19.00 - brush LO's teeth, feed him his bottle and bed
19.20 - my 3 kids brush teeth and go to bed

that is the sort of structure to my day of course in between all that I have to do the house work and laundry.

maypole1 Fri 19-Nov-10 16:57:12

7.30am wake kids up get the foster lo ready bigger child's gets himself ready

8.00am van collects foster lo bigger boy get bus to school

8.15am go back to bedsmile

9.30am get up clean breakfast stuff away

10.00am clean the house

11.30 feed cat,have lunch

12.30 back a cake or some biscuits for the kids

1.30 go visit friend for coffee

3.00 get home start on dinner

4.00 kids come home all hell breaks loose
help little one get changed

4.30 homework

5.00 dinner and oh come home from work

6.00 was up clean up after the motley crew

6.30 kids get ready for bed teeth,story etc

7.00 kids in bed smile

7.30 snog husband lol

maypole1 Fri 19-Nov-10 16:58:51

it changes slightly depending on meetings and inset days

NanaNina Mon 29-Nov-10 23:46:59

OMG Squidgy and Maypole - I need a lie down just reading about your day - but I am 67 and did have 3 under 5's many years ago. You are doing a great job like so many other foster carers - it's just a pity there arent'more of you.

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