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Anybody with personal experience in Global Developmental Delay????

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Minnerva Wed 21-Jul-10 17:28:52

Would really appreciate any advice or personal stories as we have just had a 3 year old girl come to us-it was her 3rd birthday yesterday so after she had arrived dh nipped to the shops and bought her some toys-we sang 'happy birthday' etc but as far as I can tell,she is not aware that it was her birthday.

I always seem to be on here pleading for advice but I hope that one of you lovely mumsnetters somewhere has some advice or experience that I can chuck into the melting pot-much appreciated.

Minnerva x

nymphadora Wed 21-Jul-10 17:59:36

Have you tried the Special Needs board? Lots of useful & experienced people there.

Minnerva Wed 21-Jul-10 18:38:05

Thanks nymphadora-will do.

sumum Wed 21-Jul-10 21:35:23

Hi minnerva, my little one has ggd amongst other things, have just posted about him on sn board re attachment disorder.

What kind of things were you looking for?

sumum Wed 21-Jul-10 23:19:20

that should be gdd

gemcorey Sun 04-Sep-11 21:22:24

ty not to worry my son now 4 has gdd. he didnt recognise his birthday til this yr - we talked quite a lot about how it would b his bday for a gud few weeks b4. he seemed to understand it mor - he knew the candle was for him to blow out n that the presents were for him. think the rest will just come in time

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