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jcscot Mon 26-Oct-09 13:31:43

My husband has landed at Brize and will be home this evening.

I'm just relieved he's home safe and sound and in one piece.

JanJanJanJan Mon 26-Oct-09 13:54:49

Thats wonderful!!

herbietea Mon 26-Oct-09 13:56:44

Message withdrawn

scaryteacher Mon 26-Oct-09 15:10:40

I'm so glad for you. Have fun welcoming him home. Lots of champagne and no tears!

SemperEadem Mon 26-Oct-09 15:17:13


BratleyEatsBrainsForBreakfast Mon 26-Oct-09 15:18:54

Oh reading this just made me smile like this >> grin

Lovely news!

Kayran Mon 26-Oct-09 15:19:24

Have a wonderful reunion grin

SquIDGEyeyeballs Mon 26-Oct-09 15:23:48

Great news!!

Enjoy wink

madwomanintheattic Mon 26-Oct-09 23:43:39

aw. so pleased for you. hope you both manage to relax and catch up on some sleep.

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