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Got next year's Longcast - really fed up now.

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SquIDGEyeyeballs Sun 25-Oct-09 20:18:37

DH will be away for 38 weeks out of 52 next year sad

It's just shit; I'm getting so fed up of this. I've been doing it for 15 years and I've had enough.

ThisPhantomPlopsPumpkins Sun 25-Oct-09 20:24:50

I hate getting the longcast, always depressing!

Is he off on deployment or is it loads of exercises?

SquIDGEyeyeballs Sun 25-Oct-09 20:35:56

I'm not 100% sure, I think it's mostly trials and exercises. The longest stretch is 20 weeks, I know it's not as long as many of the small ships do but it's long enough to do all in one go. No FOV, no R&R. Tis pants.

I think I will need to make some goals - lose weight, get fitter, redecorate etc!

FourArms Sat 31-Oct-09 22:46:34

Are longcasts generally accurate for you?

Sympathise massively though. By the end of the year DH will have been away at sea for 75% of the time, and working up/down for another 22.5%. Oh no, I exaggerate, he had 2 wks compassionate when DS2 was v.ill! wink

hf128219 Sat 31-Oct-09 22:49:49

Oh crap that is awful. Lots of love to you sea going lovelies ladies x

Singed Sat 31-Oct-09 22:58:45

Fourarms - I'm pinning my hopes on the longcast being drastically reviewed due to lack of funds!

Sounds like you have had it as bad as us lately - even when DH's ship was alongside he was averaging a 60-70 hour week so we didn't even see much of him then. Humph.

FlappyTheBat Sat 31-Oct-09 23:30:18

Life with the navy is bad, isn't it?

Dh leaves current ship thankfully at the end of the year, we worked out that from joining to leaving - approx 18 months - he will have been able to come home for 14 weekends and will have had 3 weeks holiday.

Even the weekends he was able to come back, weren't proper weekends as he didn't come home until Fri eve and left Sun afternoon.

Singed Sat 31-Oct-09 23:34:34

That's pants Flappy but sadly familiar. Where will your DH go next? (understand if you don't want to say!) Hopefully somewhere with a bit more downtime.

FlappyTheBat Sat 31-Oct-09 23:45:04

shore job, based not too far from home but too far to come home every night but will be so much better!

fingers crossed for you that longcast is changed for the better!!

Singed Sat 31-Oct-09 23:53:05

Thanks smile

Hope you get to see a bit more of your DH soon too.

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