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BFPO and Postal strikes

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scaryteacher Fri 23-Oct-09 09:24:37

Hope this info off the press today from dh.


6. As a result of the very close and supportive working relationship between BFPO and the Royal Mail Group (RMG), the RMG have implemented a procedure whereby BFPO customers will be able to continue to send mail items to BFPO overseas addresses throughout the period of industrial unrest. This service will support personnel on operations but can also be used to send items to other BFPO addresses overseas. Full details are available on the BFPO website. However, in essence the RMG implemented service will continue to enable BFPO addressed mail to be delivered to
BFPO Northolt for onward distribution throughout the BFPO network including to Ops. It is stressed that this mail must be delivered by the customer to the Post Office and handed over to the counter staff,
identifying it as BFPO mail, and not placed in a post box, even if the post box is at the Post Office. This will also include mail to Royal Navy ships in support of operations.

7. Further details are available on the BFPO website:
<> but personnel are requested to distribute these etails widely to enable Service Personnel, their friends and family to benefit from this RMG initiative.

ThisPhantomPlopsPumpkins Sun 25-Oct-09 20:26:23

Thanks for that scary.

I sent a load of mail to DH's ship out in the Gulf last week and was wondering if he'd ever receive it!

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