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Feeling sad - my younger brother went to Afghanistan yesterday...

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pollydianasmummy Wed 21-Oct-09 08:01:08

I know it is not the same as having your husband out there, or the father of your children, but I'm really close to my brother.

I feel really scared for him, and I know he was dreading it. We all saw him this weekend and he was agitated and not eating. Yet there was nothing we could say that helped.

How do you put that awful feeling of doom out of your head?

reikizen Wed 21-Oct-09 08:20:59

Oh. how terrible. I don't really have any advice but just wanted to say I too would feel dreadful if my lovely brother was in that situation. sad Have you tried flower remedies, I take them and they seem to work for me. You can get them from Boots & H&Barratt and they usually have a leaflet explaining which one to take for which emotional state.

fin54 Wed 21-Oct-09 18:04:40

Hi Take one day at a time while he is there, my only son is just finishing a tour out there and will be home at the end of the month, he had already done three tours in Iraq and I was a mess every time he went, we have to be strong for them while they are there, I am very proud of my son and can’t wait to see him when he gets home, you be the same for your brother and you’ll get through it.
I take my hat off to every serving person out there not just my son; write to him as often as you can as he will love to hear all the family news, he won’t be able to tell you much about what he is doing so I learned not to ask to many questions other than was he okay and to tell him I love him very much.
Good luck it’s hard but you can do it for him

scaryteacher Wed 21-Oct-09 18:09:45

I will be in the same boat next month. I am planning on lots of e-blueys/cards/parcels for him, and also making sure that I call his wife and my nephews often. I'll also be keeping an eye on my mum.

My db says to think of it being like going off to sea; it's a job, it's just for him in a vastly different environment than the ocean.

pollydianasmummy Wed 21-Oct-09 18:58:45

Thanks all of you. I'm already gathering mgazines to send him. We've been dreading this time for over a year.

Fin54 - it must be awful to have your only son out there. you must be really looking forward to seeing him! I can't wait tl we can say the same thing "home at the end of the month"


luciemule Wed 21-Oct-09 19:36:58

My DH has been twice in the last 2 years and he loved getting letters, sweets and blueys from his sister. Much as he loved our letters/eblueys, he loved hers too because they tended to be more lighthearted than mine and the kids.
Although it might seem to go slow to start with, you'll soon be corssing off the days 'til he flies home.
Don't worry if he doesn't email/call for a few days at a time but there are often phone/email blackouts for security, say if a VIP visits. It's not always because someone has been injured.
The company '' send excellent boxes of retro sweets/ pressies such as bears with messages on etc at BFPO prices I think.

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