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I've had enough now

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Saltire Tue 20-Oct-09 21:25:53

sad angry

SqueezyCheesyPumpkin Tue 20-Oct-09 22:34:58

Hey saltire, what's up?

scaryteacher Wed 21-Oct-09 07:31:20

You are not having a good time at the moment are you?

Did you get your pay resolved with your employers?

Is school sorted for ds1?

Did you email me the details for transmission to mil?

Saltire Wed 21-Oct-09 15:51:03

Hit the nail right on the head Scary. I am having a crap time just now.

Pay is sort of resolved, was hoping for the extra this month as going to glasgow on friday for the weekend to see Michael McIntyre, leaving Dcs at mums for a night, but now more stress there as FIL and step MIL and MIL and step FIL all want us to go and see them too.

School- as of yet no phone call. I did ring back yesterday (Monday)to be told "oh we gave the message to mrs X this morning"hmmI rang on thursday. I was told she will ring back before 4.30 today, so I've not emailed you yet, but will if I don't hear from her.

MOD are being well, annoying me. They have said that they won't support a move on PT gorunds nearer to Scotland (and fmaily support) because my illness "isn't serious enough". Instead they are expecting DH to live a 4 hour drive from us and for the DSes and myself to move back into our house in Scotland - on the grounds that "you want to be near your family". However, DH's senior boss here (Army, say no more wink) hasn't/won't sign the forms allowing DH to leave the tour here early(3 years up in june) becasue Acos manning won't fill the slot until June. SO we are in a sort of limbo, my health is getting worse by the day, probably the stress of it all, added to worry about DS1, and the mad cow next door, plus I am so tired it's fatigue and it's a killer, I am struggling with work, and MOD have suggested that "mrs saltire gives up work and claims disability allowance if her health is as bad as she claims it is"

scaryteacher Wed 21-Oct-09 18:16:04

Can you get any sort of letter from a Dr or consultant about your condition to pass on to the powers that be? That way, they won't have a leg to stand on. Have you spoken also to the various welfare organisations around? The other route is of course through the chaplains, who do this kind of thing as well.

If your dh isn't Army then surely his service can move him when they want, irrespective of what his boss wants?

Saltire Thu 22-Oct-09 08:14:14

It's a army run tri service place, and the Major here is in overall charge, and if DH goes before a replacement comes in then technically his colleagues will be doing his work (training est.)
What has annoyed us both is that there was a vacnacy coming up in November at a base very close to where our house is. In Feb, before he went away,DH rang the desk and asked if he could be considered for the job. When he got back in June he rang again and both times was told that they weren't looking to fill it yet. Then in September when we got SSAFFA involved, they rang the desk and were told that it hadn't been filled yet. DH spoke to someone at the base the following Monday morning to find out when exactly the job was becoming availiable, then on the Monday afternoon he got a phone call from teh desk to say that the job had been filled - it was a sgt slot and they had promoted someone already there,but that he was out in 8 months and the job would be up again then. Why promote someone who is coming out in 8 months and is doing their restettlement? Sounds like "who you know on the desk" scenario.

I dunno if a letter from doc would do any good to be honest, as SSAFFA have said that if we did get PT then ti only lasts 6 months, and we would have to go through it all again in 6 months and "is it worth it"

jcscot Thu 22-Oct-09 09:42:54

"mrs saltire gives up work and claims disability allowance if her health is as bad as she claims it is"

That's awful! I echo what scary has said - chaplains/welfare etc are really good at this sort of thing. Have you tried the naval equivalent of the Army Families Federation? The AFF are the "go to " people for us when we run up against some issue with welfare/housing/education and they usually manage to get things sorted out or to put you in touch with the people who can sort it out for you.

scaryteacher Thu 22-Oct-09 09:50:55

Saltire, I presume that the light blues have this too?

Saltire Thu 22-Oct-09 09:57:02

They have the RAFF which has been helpful in giving advice but I don't think they have the same sort of "clout" as AFF or naval eqivalent.

it's just making me feel really depressed, add to that the hassles with DS1 and school, her next door, my health and money worries,

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