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now what should he do?

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rippatiggerboo Thu 15-Oct-09 11:10:13

little advice if I may gals

Dh went to the RAF recruitment office today. (he was made redundent on Monday) Hes 30 in feb and was told their over subscribed to the police (what he really wants) till 2011! All they have is caterer for the GCSE's he has. Which he doesnt want. He forgot to ask about regiment.

My question is should he risk not getting accepted for the police in the end and wait (which for his age could mean never joining if they turn him down) or join the regiment, wait 3-5 years and then try for the military police?

Or try for the police in another force (army really, navy bases are too far away and am not so sure about his sea legs)

He currently thinks he should get any job and wait it out. Calling every few months to see if their recruiting yet. were talking tonight but what do you think?

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