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Anyone else's partners not home for Christmas this year?

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ThisPhantomPlopsPumpkins Wed 07-Oct-09 21:09:23

First year without him!

What are you planning to do for them, are you sending anything out? I'm stuck for ideas!

Don't know what we're going to do back home, probably go to my Parents, it's going to weird without him.

ThisPhantomPlopsPumpkins Wed 07-Oct-09 21:10:42

Have to say though, this is his first over Christmas deployment in 19 years of service! We've been very lucky!

Saltire Wed 07-Oct-09 21:14:47

My DH will be here and I have always had him at home over Christmas - missed several birthday and anniversarys though.
Hope you have a nice christmas even though he's not there

mumof2222222222222222boys Thu 22-Oct-09 12:37:55

Yes - first Xmas apart after 8 years of wedded bliss....and we only found out about a month ago.

Will probably go to SIL for Xmas itself and maybe stay a night or 2, but dreading the rest of the 2 weeks. I am sure we'll manage, but both boys are Daddy's boys and will miss him a lot. We had planned to be away for a couple of weeks skiing, but that is off the menu and the boys won't be happy.

Ho hum. Life in a blue suit.

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