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Need help, moving to england from germany. Car insurance????

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didsnbump Tue 22-Sep-09 13:30:30

We are moving from germany to england in 8 weeks time. Our insurance company here have told us we need proof of English car insurance to cancel our german. How do i go about this??
Im confused as i cant set the new insurance to my new english address as i wont get the certificate as proof. Can i set it up to our bfpo address here and then change it when we get back or should i do it to my mother in laws and get her to send it over and then change it when we get back. Plus can i set it up a month before we go back in order to get the certificate in time. Ie run both engish and german insurance together for a few weeks????

Mazza09 Tue 22-Sep-09 15:13:58

Your best bet is to contact the insurance companies direct and ask them... they will have all the answers for you. It's v serious to not be covered so contact the professionals. You could go onto to get a list of car insurance companies with contact numbers.

livinginadreamworld Tue 22-Sep-09 15:23:07

some insurance companies (like do everything online, you print off your own certificate of insurance, and it is instant cover. You can also do it over the phone, and then still access all the documents online, so no problems about being at the english address to recived the documents. All insurance is inputted on a database, which is accessed by insurance companies, police, DVLA, etc. So you can prove to them you are covered (ie police if you are stopped) without actually having the certificate on you in the car. HTH and Makes sense!

livinginadreamworld Tue 22-Sep-09 15:25:36

o, and you can also set the date which you would like the insurance to start and get the certificate before that date. So have it start the day/day before, you plan on arriving in England, but be all paid up, and have proof of insurance (cerificate) printed off before you leave.

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