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Anyone know if MHS do compensation?

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bratley Wed 16-Sep-09 09:54:47

Our boiler was condemned on 14th august, we've finally been given a date for it to be replaced - 5th october.
We're having to use the immersion heater until then which will, no doubt, cost more.
It'll be for 8-ish weeks in total.
Should we pay the bill or is it reasonable to ask MHS for compensation?
Also would we be entitled to compensation for the 2 missed appointments that DH took time off work for?

So fed up with MHS now, since we moved in to the quarter in May its been nothing but problems!

Drusilla Wed 16-Sep-09 09:58:26

You can get £20 compensation for every missed appointment. However, you'll get nothing for bills for using the immersion heater. All they have to do is provide you with hot water and heating

scaryteacher Wed 16-Sep-09 12:56:23

How are you getting heating if the boiler has been condemned? Is it safe to stay in the house if it is a gas one? Push their buttons....that is an unacceptable delay and I would be raising cain about it.

bratley Wed 16-Sep-09 13:25:41

We're not getting heating! Just lucky we haven't needed it yet. But I'm guessing we're going to need it pretty soon!

sad can't believe they won't pay for immersion, its not like it was our fault we're having to use it!
It just annoys me they don't sort problems out before they move people in.

I put a complaint in about the fact that the woman who did the initial inspection in August was 'running late' and didn't have time to put warning tags on the fire or boiler but then spent 10minutes sat outside having a cigarette and talking to some random 'civvie' engineer who had pulled up and seemed to be waiting for her!

A guy came out yesterday to measure up for the new boiler and during a conversation I mentioned this to him, he went out for a few minutes and when he came back he had a tag, tied it to the fire and said 'job done, not a problem anymore!'
Erm... thats not really the point, should have been done 5 weeks ago!

I've just become so sick of calling MHS I just can't be bothered anymore. No one seems to know what the other person is doing!

bratley Wed 16-Sep-09 13:44:50

Ooh, and thanks for the link Drusilla, very useful!

KarinaJayne Sat 26-Sep-09 19:05:07

Hi there ! Had my boiler condemned also in August and phoned 14 times to sort out a new one...put in 5 weeks later but then took 10 days AFTER that to sort out electrician to wire it in !!! Also have been left with ASBESTOS cracked pipe in kitchen with everoen blaming everyone else whilst we have asbestos all over the floor!!!!!
I have applied for a "temporary downgrade" of my quarter, as we have been without a major applaince for over 7 days. This can be emailed to the HIC , along with details . jobnumbers etc from MHS. Hope this is AWFUL servie though..tried to complain and was told i couldn't as i already have one complaint in and not allowed more than one opne complaint per customer !!! Also told that the lady I was complaining about at MHS was the one who would deal with my complaint !!!! Best of luck,

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