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Moving to Blandford in September - anyone near there?

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Chulita Mon 10-Aug-09 09:20:49

DH and I have never moved before as a couple and we have no idea what to do grin It'll be a bit of an adventure. He's been to Blandford before but I have no idea what it's like/where the shops are/what the Hive is like etc. We've got DD who's 8.5 mths. Anyone have any useful tips/things about Blandford?

sailorsgal Tue 11-Aug-09 08:35:12

I am about half an hour from Blandford though used to live in one of the surrounding villages.

Not great for shopping but you can get most things you need. There is a reasonably large Tesco and Morrisons. Some nice smaller retailers.

A friend of mine has a shop called Merry Go Round which is a second hand baby shop in town.

There is a good childrens centre.

I think there are other mumsnetters around Blandford who will be better informed than myself.

Good luck

Chulita Tue 11-Aug-09 08:50:59

Ooh! Second hand baby shop...I like the sound of that grin Children's centre is always useful - I'm not looking forward to trying to make friends all over again but I reckon it's easier with a baby!
Thank you!

shoshe Tue 11-Aug-09 12:02:04

Hi I am at Blandford. i am th Childminder Rep here grin

Sailorsgirl, we have the same friend grin

shoshe Tue 11-Aug-09 12:13:31

Realised, I didn't answer any of your questions!

There is a thriving M&T, a good Hive (Sam who runs it is brill, couldn't be more helpful.

There is a Creche, Preschool and Pre school attached to the Camp School, which again is a great school.

There is a Tesco just out of town, and a Morrisons and Iceland in town, not much else apart from chemists, cafe's and estate agents.

There is a soft play, (although I find it a bit to big for my LO's) and another one up at Sturminster Newton called Cool Play that is fantastic for under 5's.

Poole is 20 minutes away, with a big Asda, and a decent shopping centre.

Salisbury is 30 minutes out the back gate.

Bournemouth and all its beaches about a hour.

Do you know where you will be quartered yet.

If you are after a two bed, you will be put into the newly refurbished which are really great, (try not to get Gunville Down) if you want more info about quarters email me at nanny 475 at hotmail dot com.

Chulita Tue 11-Aug-09 20:27:37

DH put in for Racedown, Kingdown and Central Park apparently but we've been warned we might get put in Bovington due to the refurbs going on. I'm really hoping we get Blandford because otherwise DH won't get to see much of DD during the week!
Any idea whether Sainsbury's or Ocado deliver? Not that I'm posh, I'm just picky about my veg blush
It's not clique-y is it? The M&Ts that is. Ours here was a bit odd til it closed down for 6 months and that kind of hit the reset button and now everyone mostly talks to everyone else.
Thanks for the info though, lots of people say Blandford's boring for wives grin

shoshe Tue 11-Aug-09 20:33:08

With only one child you will only get a two bed, and that means only Racedown as the other roads are three bed. Crossway, Valley Rd and South Crescent are all two beds and there are empty ones in all those roads.

Sainsburys have just started to deliver here.

shoshe Tue 11-Aug-09 20:34:59

Must admit dont go to M&T, as I hate them, but the girl who runs it is lovely.

I love it here, but then this is my 4th time here and have been here ten years now.

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