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Palarva for poor hubby returning to Brize to go back to Afghan

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Mercy2 Mon 27-Jul-09 14:04:36

WELL, hubby left for the end of his R&R last night. He was switched to an earlier flight than the rest of the blokes on his R&R( which in itself was a bit poop as they hav 2 extra days at home)(also he was 8 days late gettin home for R&R in the first place)
ANYWAY, he rang Brize Norton and was told to call them when he got to Heathrow to arrange transport to pick him up.
When he got there at 10pm, Brize said he'd have to find his own way there as no one was gonna be going out towards heathrow so late!

Queue Wifey with a crazed Google search for Trains and bus services to get him there. with 3 differeny trains and him bein stuck at Oxford station with the bus not turnin up, I had to call all the Oxford cab companies till I found one that I could pay by card as hubby has spent all the £60 he'd taken on trains. (and a cuppa tea from a vending machine bless him!)
All in all we spent nearly £100 to get him to Brize to make his flight and he got there with VERY little time to spare! I know we can claim this back but I was quite peeved off to say the least! By the time he got to Brize he was so stressed out that he sounded like he was gunna cry!
He had been told that all the transport was pre booked so he hadn't even thought much about it till yesterday bless him.

Not a real point to my post but I really needed to vent the frustration!
All I can say is YEY for Star Taxi's in Oxfordshire who actually saved his ass!!! lol

Homebird8 Mon 27-Jul-09 14:08:58

Just posting to show someone's listening.

Haven't got anyone in the forces but have been in very similar situations trying to get my husband to foreign meetings which were in theory sorted by his company. If you want something doing, ask a busy woman...

Pat yourself on the back, you make a great PA! smile

pinkem Tue 28-Jul-09 20:38:05

I just told my dh this story and he is fuming for you!! He has said to make sure your dh puts in a complaint as these things need to be picked up on. Well done Star Taxi's!

Yorky Tue 28-Jul-09 20:48:36

Mercy2 - that is completely out of order and shock Definitely put in a complaint about his unit movements guys.
How do they justify your DH getting 10days less R&R than the other?
Well done you making it come together in the end, has he got long left now he's gone back?

Mercy2 Tue 28-Jul-09 20:59:28

Hey there Yorky, He had only 3 days less. Sorry I just re-read how I had written it and realised it sounded like he had 10 days less.
He was 8 days late getting back but they gave him 7 of them back. so his R&R was moved slightly.
He WAS sent back 2 whole days earlier than everyone else who flew home on the same R&R though!
My welfare officer isnt sure we can claim it back but I am gunna fight for it. And figure out who the heck I need to complain to to get the movements guy yelled at. lol.
To make it worse the day hubby arrived in England they hadnt booked him a flight to Belfast to come home so he wasted his first day of R&R in Brize!
I ask ya could one guys R&R possibly be more messed up!

thanks for your support guys
M x x

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