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Bloomin Emotional Wreck! R&R is ever closer!!!

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Mercy2 Sun 05-Jul-09 16:08:57

I have been so proud of how much better I have been dealing with hubby's deployment this tour ( last time I was a blubbering wreck for 6 months), but now that I know he is home in less than a week its like the last 3 and a half months of emotions are comin at once!
I just cried my eyes out last night because I got the arm of my jumper stuck in the washing machine door!!!!! and didn't notice till after it had started! seriously the way I reacted it was as if my actual arm was in there! lol..

Am I goin mad or do u think I am just startin to let the barriers down now that I know I have him home for R&R soon!??? I should be concentratin on bein excited but I am like a SUPER PMT crazed woman.
PLEASE someone tell me this is normal! lol

M x x x x x x x x

gemmummy Sun 05-Jul-09 16:19:19

Definitely're full of anticipation and excited as anything....just go with it! Word of warning, don't have too high expectations (speaking from experience) just let him chill out and enjoy some nice quality time....Enjoy!!!

Mercy2 Sun 05-Jul-09 16:31:17

yeah I will try! He was supprisingly keen to get out and do stuff on R&R during his last tour, but this time he has been out on the ground workin his butt off the whole time so I thought I'd run him a bath, cook him sunthin yummy and plan nothing after that! just see how he feels!
thanks hunny x x x

cheekymonk Sun 05-Jul-09 16:40:50

I know how you feel! My dh is home very soon too and I have been feeling really emotional and weary and like the guard is coming down...
Its a lot of emotion to deal with and as said above, its learning to recognise and go with it. You are perfectly normal! Enjoy the homecoming xxx

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