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Bloomin Emotional Wreck! R&R is ever closer!!!

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Mercy2 Sun 05-Jul-09 15:43:24

I have been so proud of how much better I have been dealing with hubby's deployment this tour ( last time I was a blubbering wreck for 6 months), but now that I know he is home in less than a week its like the last 3 and a half months of emotions are comin at once!
I just cried my eyes out last night because I got the arm of my jumper stuck in the washing machine door!!!!! and didn't notice till after it had started! seriously the way I reacted it was as if my actual arm was in there! lol..

Am I goin mad or do u think I am just startin to let the barriers down now that I know I have him home for R&R soon!??? I should be concentratin on bein excited but I am like a SUPER PMT crazed woman.
PLEASE someone tell me this is normal! lol

M x x x x x x x x

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