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please give my positive stories about your move-out (hcr) am worrying.

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pinkdolly Thu 25-Jun-09 16:45:26

We had to move into private rented 2 years ago as the forces estate we lived on was condemmed. Tha navy subsidised our rent as they do when they have non of their own properties available.

Dh has will officially leave 13th next month (currently on resettlement leave).

We moved out on saturday and have been frantically cleaning the house since. We hand the keys back tommorow but...

I have worked myself into such a state coz it is a massive victorian house. All painted wooden flooring. Other the the lounge which is carpet.

We have had a team of people helping us but there is a burn mark on the carpet. For 18 months we had continuous heating failures as the lanlord was told he needed a new boiler but insisted on fixing every part that went wrong. There was a lot the went wrong! His answer to us was to use a heater, so i put one on the carpet and accidently scorched it.

I tried to claim on our insaurance but had forgotten to ask for accidental damage on the carpets so they wouldnt pay.

We cant afford to pay as dh new job is lower paid. The landlord promised to reimburse us for extra high electrical bills but never did (i hope this might give us some leveridge).

Am also worried as when my friend moved from her smaller place hcr made her cough up £600.

The door handles are all lose (dh trying to fix then today) as we were told by a carpenter friend of ours that they were fitted wrong origionally.

I am just in a state as am invisioning huge horrendous bills.

Has anyone done a hcr move-out. Are they really that bad? sad

Scootergrrrl Fri 26-Jun-09 10:40:28

Could you ask for your estate manager or welfare officer to be present at the march-out if you're worried? They should be able to stop you being bullied.

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