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Housing, Tidworth, Perham Down, Bulford area.

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greenguruwife1 Wed 17-Jun-09 14:30:51

Hi Ladies,
Just recieved our new posting and we're off to Perham Down. Got no real help of DE about the housing in the area, all i was told was that there is a lack of quarters in the area!!! Nothing new!!
Can anyone give me aheads about the area, places/quarters to avoid??? Schools, nurserys etc.
Any help would be great.
Cheers. Xxx

glucose Wed 17-Jun-09 21:48:53

Hi there

I lived in Tidworth on Zouch Estate a couple of years ago. The MQ was a good sized 3 bed which is more than our entitlement. DD was just a babe and there were loads of mums and tots groups. The swimming pool & library at Tidworth are excellent. Its a great place if you have dogs - Salisbury plain just behind our MQ. Bulford did not look as attractive - but only passed through on the bus. We were not there long, but most of the time we were there dh was on tour and it felt very safe.
good luck

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