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I could do with some opinions on these different options, please. Also ahs anyone gone down the PT route for a move?

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Saltire Mon 15-Jun-09 19:12:29

There is a job coming up somewhere in Scotland at the end of the year. DH has expressed a preference for it - based on my health and the fact we have a house near to where this base is. The manning lot have said A) They aren't looking yet to fill it,B) DH is supposed to be on a 3year tour here (he's done2) and C) There is no guarentee he will get it.

SO after a discussion with me (over the hpone cos he's away) nd his boss, we have decided to go down teh PT route to try and get the posting. it's not ideal, but sometimes needs must. However, there are a couple of options availiable to us now.
1 - I move back there with the DSes. This would mean paying for move ourselves which we can't really afford, and DH being down here a 7 hour drive away so not much hope of getting home every weekend

2 - My mum has said she would take DS1 until November. The reason for this is that he would be due to start secondary school here in England yet when we move back tos cotland he will go back into primary. Plus the school unifomr item list is out for the secondary school its going to cost us over £100 to kit him out, then have different stuff to buy in November.

scaryteacher Mon 15-Jun-09 19:28:50

What's the PT route?

The thing is that appointments and drafts can be variable. DH was supposed to have a 2 year one in Plymouth, but got moved early to a brand new post. They'd move your dh quick enough if they needed to, 3 year posting or not.

I know it's difficult about not seeing each other every weekend - I was in Cornwall and dh in Brussels for 2 years, so we six weeked it. Can he not fly up every couple of weeks? Your home will obviously change to where you are, and he will presumably live in the mess, so he should get the 'get you home' package.

If your mum takes your ds and your dh doesn't get the posting, but gets another x years in sunny Hampshire (I think that's where you are), or elsewhere, then what do you do?

What costs so much to kit ds out for September? Is it a totally different uniform to primary (apart from the sports kit?). If it's Neville Lovatt I'll have a go at mil, she is on the board of governors there.

Saltire Mon 15-Jun-09 19:38:29

PT - Preferential treatment. it means getting a note formt eh docs to say "yes actually Mrs saltire's health is bad, and she needs (and I do) family support". Then they look to see if anyone else ahs applied for the tour there (and TBH no one in their right mind would) i lied when I said its in scotland, its near scotland, our house is in Scotland. Then if others have applied then they look at criteria - in our case preferantila tratment, so we would get it before someone who wante say a last tour there.
yes its the school you mentioned, all PE kit - black shorts and rugby shirts and red polo shirts and black sweaters. Completely different to waht he has now

herbietea Mon 15-Jun-09 19:48:52

Message withdrawn

scaryteacher Mon 15-Jun-09 19:55:37

Re the sports kit, only buy what you need. I refuse to buy anything other than shorts, t-shirts and a sweatshirt on the basis that it won't get worn.

Do you know anyone who is leaving there, and you can buy their kit second hand? Used to that at ds's prep - even the really posh yummy mummies did - saved a small fortune.

scaryteacher Mon 15-Jun-09 19:56:15

I wonder if we can use PT on the basis of ds's education to get a third Brussels job?

Saltire Mon 15-Jun-09 20:05:24

I know whats involved - we had to do it when DH was due to go Iraq and was going to be away when Ds2 was due. I ahd very bad pregnancys and couldn't walk for most of them. SSAFFA got involved then and the GP and Dh's boss. he certainly didn't have to go HQ for any meetings - maybe thats an officer thing

I am not contacting SSAFFA - i will probably get the same response from them as I did fromt eh HIVE

herbietea Mon 15-Jun-09 20:09:35

Message withdrawn

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