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RAF Honington

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MrsK07 Thu 14-May-09 19:52:36


I'm new to this site & was wondering if there's anyone currently living in RAF Honington who would be able to tell me what the married quarters in Woodside View are like?

DH is posted to Honington in August and it's a bit of a treck for us to pop over and have a look ourselves so am seeking some friendly advice!


Clarity2005 Tue 16-Jun-09 12:44:10

Hi there,

DH is at Honigton, but we live off base so I shall ask him for any info tonight and come back to you!


Clarity2005 Wed 17-Jun-09 21:38:58

Well I have picked hubby's brains and he said that WoodsideView is not the best, but other quarters at Honington are ok. If possible the best bit would be Poplar Close, but not many houses there.

Have got a link here for you though ( you may of found it yourself)

hope this helps smile

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