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spitting bricks.

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madwomanintheattic Fri 27-Feb-09 22:38:34

i just got back from an x thousand mile journey where we visited the local military doc to ascertain whether there was local provision available for dd2 during our next posting. doc told me there are no kids with physical disabilities or developmental coordination disorders, and no provision for paediatric occupational therapy locally. (the nearest provision would be 2 1/2 hours away) he said 'that's why we don't normally accept sn here.'hmm

so i get home, and still jet lagged, google 'x medical authority paediatric services' and find an identikit provision to what we have in place here - a child health and development centre offering all the provision dd2 needs, under the health insurance program we would be under. in the nearest town. i called the lovely lady and asked whether they would cover dd2 under the ordinary health insurance. no worries, and she gave me the number of a lovely local paed too. (and i suspect she's still laughing about the fact there are allegedly no kids with disabilities in her entire medical region).

so now i'm more than a little ticked at the entire lack of interest and can't be botheredness, when i've hauled my ass across a continent so that they could see her for a little judgeyness. angry

does ANYONE, have ANY idea, at all, why i EVER bother to ask the military system anything?

i've e-mailed the doc with the website pages listing the provision. (nicely, natch)

anyone wanna guess whether they'll cancel the posting?

furious doesn't cut it. i have no problem if there genuinely exists no provision for dd2's needs, but don't lie to me, it makes me tetchy.

apols for rant - about to explode. although not sure if i'm angrier with myself tbh! if i'd googled last week...

Drusilla Fri 27-Feb-09 23:11:57

Which service are you with madwoman?

madwomanintheattic Fri 27-Feb-09 23:16:31

i'm ex RAF and never learn lol.

Drusilla Fri 27-Feb-09 23:34:11

I have absolutely no personal experience of SN, but I was just going to say get in touch with this woman. If nothing else she may be able to give them a kick up the arse for lying to you, that's outrageous.

madwomanintheattic Fri 27-Feb-09 23:47:53

Thanks Drusilla - I've got her number logged as a last resort anyway (had pondered about ringing her when the 'discussion' hmm first started, but thought i'd let it run its course and see if they sorted themselves out). It was supposed to be us visiting the school and doc to provide additional info and a 'face to face' so that they had enough information to make the decision whether the posting would stand or not, so i was mightily dischuffed that he hadn't even bothered to find ANYTHING out (and worse, lie about it lol - prepared to give him the benfit of the doubt that it was idleness rather than deliberate misinformation -although maybe i'm not... grin) I'd sent them all dd2's most recent reports and discussed exactly what provision she would need. it wasn't as if it was a big surprise - i don't suppose they get many families schlepping out from the UK for a pre-posting visit, particularly those they've discussed in the housing/ welfare postings-in meeting... I'm lying in wait now waiting for them to trip themselves up, but don't intend to rock the boat until it becomes absolutely necessary. Well, either that or until i go barmy waiting for them to make a decision, and that's probably not far off. grin That said, I might ring Phyllis next week just to get it off my chest - she can use it for stats or something lol, and at least it will highlight issues of contention lol. Thanks for reminding there's someone who's paid to listen to my ranting lol!

Drusilla Fri 27-Feb-09 23:50:13

Do it and ring her anyway - the more stats they have, the more clout they have with the chain of command. Hope it works out for you!

supergluebum Thu 05-Mar-09 17:55:12

Just coming to this late, but have you approached SSAFA? They should be able to argue your corner and should support you. Overseas (BFC & BFG etc) they are the contractors providing social workers, healthvisitors, nurses and midwives. Sorry for the hassle you are getting madwomanintheattic, it's madening that they promise all this support but rarely come up with the goods. FWIW I have found the military medics to be less than useless whilst their civilian counter parts are much more experienced and sympathetic. And willing to go that extra mile.

madwomanintheattic Sat 07-Mar-09 23:19:34

thanks superglue - i started with the ssafa hv in the o'seas location when we got our posting order lol. they have a local welfare panel which decides whether we can go or not (ssafa hv, UWO, doc, housing, school)

the panel decided they needed more information (but didn't tell us that). (they had dd2's statement of SEN including all her therapists reports)

we agreed to visit as it would help them make a decision. the day we visited, the sce teacher was off sick, the ssafa hv was at her other clinic in the other town (ironically the one with the hotel we stayed in lol) and the doc was... erm... unprepared.

when we got home (long haul lol), dh checked his e-mails and found a message from the SO1 asking us to pop in whilst we were there...

do you ever get the feeling that you just shouldn't have got out of bed? grin

the doc's still ignoring me though. either he's on leave, or he has deleted my e-mail, or he is being deliberately irritating by not confirming receipt. on monday i'm going to make a few phone calls and e-mail the SO1 myself if i don't like the vibe i'm getting... (although apparently he was off sick last week...)

only 10 weeks until our first consignment is due to be shipped. i'd quite like to know whether or not i've got to work out what to send... and dh would like to know if he needs to start touting for other jobs... although that wouldn't be popular i suspect...


supergluebum Sun 08-Mar-09 19:25:01

Where are you going to? Just out of interest? I am in Cyp so if it's there I might be able to help. We had to fill out a questionnaire (medical) to get our status stamps before arriving here.
God I really hope it works out for you!

madwomanintheattic Mon 09-Mar-09 09:41:07

not cyp lol. (although v jealous) tbh it's so small that i'd rather not out myself grin
happy to discuss offline but being a bit squeamish about net security at the mo (says she plastering so much info that if anyone did actually know me it would be blindingly obvious who i was...) grin

further afield and colder lol.

supergluebum Mon 09-Mar-09 20:28:23

try might not be able to help but you never know!

madwomanintheattic Fri 13-Mar-09 19:30:49

i think we're going grin

dh rang and said he spent an hour with the commander, and then and hour and a half with the SO1 today. there is money in the budget, and apparently because we have given them enough notice they can sort her out. grin

not holding my breath until the removals arrive though... wink (that'll be ten weeks time. ulp.)

will e-mail you though superglue, always good to know a few people wandering around the system with similar issues. strength in numbers and all...

madwomanintheattic Fri 19-Jun-09 12:53:51

well. short update.

our stuff has been shipped. the quarter has been allocated (and minor adaptations being made as we speak - a couple of extra rails lol)

today, today, TODAY FFS, i have been informed that despite us following agai 108 etc etc etc, we still do not have permission, permission, no less, to proceed on posting. we are still waiting on a rubber stamp from both army med services (bless - he's been away and is moving office etc) and ceas. that's ceas, who told me to liaise direct as they know nothing about our posting location.
this, apparently, is because we might sue them when we come back for not looking after my daughter's education.

we got the posting order in NOVEMBER ffs. how long does it take, and how many goalposts are they going to move in the meantime?!

i am now sitting in my (empty) house in tears of rage, because i still don't know if we are going or not. and if we are not, i have work out how to get all our belongings back, and tell my excited children.

the dcs school is harassing me as they have kids on the waiting list, and they need to tell the LSAs whether they have a job or not.

i am this close to telling dh i have had enough of this utterly ridiculous bureaucratic b*llocks that i have to wade through in order to live.

i am furious. and utterly utterly impotent.

madwomanintheattic Fri 19-Jun-09 14:21:13

right - ceas sorted and happy. they have backtracked and agreed the initial decision that it's a receiving unit decision.

just ams left.

<tantrum rescinded>

scaryteacher Fri 19-Jun-09 16:32:16

And b r e a t h e. I know it's shit, but you are getting to go to Canada and it'll be fab. This is the crap you have to go through to get there.

Think of us in Brussels....swap you?

SemperEadem Fri 19-Jun-09 17:22:50

Am furious on your behalf madwoman - tis all bloody bollocks isn't it?

Let us know how you get on & when you are all settled etc.

madwomanintheattic Fri 19-Jun-09 20:44:50


it's 8 months of crap though! <wail>

i know, i know... but sweet jesus, what are these people on?

there will be Letters Written, you know. i just have to get there first. (if they don't ship me off to the Priory en route...)

i love brussels, scary. we used to go for lunch of a sunday from bruggen/roermond. spent many hours hanging out in the grand place drinking beer, but we were very much just tourists out for the day. i used to take loading teams to work at the airport every now and again though, to handle mil visiting ac (usually staff course lol), and the boys always used to want to go to that crypt place and drink out of skulls <rolling eyes emoticon> so i really only know the sorts of places frequented by unaccompanied servicemen on rates the razz lol... not sure that counts for much... i probably have a very different picture of the city to you! <i thought you were after an extension?>

but you're right. not much skiing to be had... wink

<sigh> i will live to fight another day.

thanks semper. i'm sure it will all work out, but until this morning i genuinely thought the i's had been dotted and the t's crossed lol. gah.

i did get a nice apology from ceas when i rang back though blush

i wondered briefly if they have mn on in the office and monitor the forces sweethearts' threads...

mhs should def do that...

will update as and when it ever happens. thanks for support. weak smile

SemperEadem Fri 19-Jun-09 22:07:32

Not weak. Normal.

Wouldn't it be a laugh if they were monitoring these chats? Or indeed if they could hear what I sometimes described them as - profanities, profanities!

Chin up my dear. Am having a glass of wine on your behalf grin

scaryteacher Sat 20-Jun-09 11:38:17

Yes we want an extension here, as it is too horrible to contemplate taking ds back to UK and putting him in school there, having to cope with settling in and his first GCSE year at the same time.

I would lurve Canada, it's fab, and I live on root beer and Caesar salad each time I go.

madwomanintheattic Sat 20-Jun-09 16:46:42

root beer shock <boak>
(the kids like it though...)
but i can do caesar until the cows come home (a fair few of those in alberta lol)

this is our last 'anywhere' posting before secondary, so i don't want the rug pulled angry

(it would also be detrimental to our long term 'maybe', which is not actually to come back if we can help it lol... i fancy a few years on the civvy net in the mountains...)
and dh knows once this is out of the way he's going to have to bite the career bullet if he's staying in... avoiding the battalions is all well and good, but tends to stick out on a promotion board lol. he's raather looking forward to the last two years of relative autonomy...

i had my own glass of wine, too, semper wink i felt the need, but thanks for keeping me company! (always a bad idea to drink alone...)

i may have another this evening...

what time do you think ams will be answering the phone on monday then? wink <sigh>

scaryteacher Sat 20-Jun-09 17:10:30

We're past that - dh's next appointment his last before retirement - really scary. makes him sound old - he's only 48, but we have to start laying plans now.

madwomanintheattic Mon 22-Jun-09 12:40:15

dh has passed his pension point, so he's enjoying the 'shall i stay or shall i go' thing - he decided this posting was worth 'stay' - and if he decides to jump and we spend the next few years in canada then at least we'll have a gratuity and pension lol... but i imagine we'll still be knocking about until 50... unless they keep giving me the runaround with postings lol.

have you decided where? given that they won't let you do brussels lol?

scaryteacher Mon 22-Jun-09 18:18:03

They haven't yet said yea or nay to Brussels, dh sees the appointer next month. If we go back, I don't know where dh will go, but I'm going back to Cornwall and the ancestral mansion. I hope they let us stay, it'll see ds through GCSEs and part way through A levels, and we'll jump that bridge when we come to it.

madwomanintheattic Tue 23-Jun-09 14:24:32

so tricksy with exams. know a family who were posted back to uk swiftly as the military decided they couldn't risk having them o'seas with a yr 10 son. quite short notice, too. not great for anyone really. tis a shame these things are not dealt with in a timely manner and always end up being a last minute knee-jerk decision.

ancestral mansion in cornwall sounds lovely. i am imagining you swirling dustsheets to resume previous life. smile

hope it works out next month.

scaryteacher Tue 23-Jun-09 14:27:57

That's why dh is going to see the appointer before Year 9 begins to lay the groundwork so to speak. The last appointer was greta, we knew dh had job no 2 out here 16 months before it started whch gave time to resign, let house, move over in a timely fashion etc. I'm hoping this will happen again.

The ancestral mansion is let out atm, which is another reason I want to know soonest what gives, as I want to give my tenants stacks of notice as they are lovely.

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