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prepayment meters in married quarters!

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kerryk Mon 16-Feb-09 14:09:18

we had payment meters fitted last year asfter running up a huge debt with the gas/electric company.

for months we were unaware that we were paying much less than we should have been the the amount doubled and we could not keep up with the payments.

we quite like the meters and we seem to be spending much less.

when we had them fitted we asked if they could be taken out if we ever needed to march out and they said yes no problem.

now we are marching out in 2 weeks and since there is still a debt to be paid back they wont remove them.

i am starting to really panic now wondering what the dhe will say about it, acording to the gas/elec company the quarter we are moving into already has a elec prepayment meter fitted (plus i know quite a few friends in mq's who already have them) so it cant be unheard of for marchouts.

the informrtion we have for handing back over the quarter though says that prepayment meters MUST be removed or else the dhe will do it and charge us for it.

i can afford to pay of the elec debt when dh gets paid at the end of the month but the march out is only a few days later so cant see them sending someone rould to change the meter that quickly plus it would still leave me the problem with the gas meter (debt on this is still really high and no way can i pay this of at the end of the month)

DorisIsAPinkDragon Mon 16-Feb-09 20:26:42

From my limited knowledge DE will refuse to take the property back until it's sorted, personally I would talk to the electric company and see if the debt could be "moved" with you...

Not what you really wanted to hear but good luck

kerryk Mon 16-Feb-09 20:59:56

the debt is moving with me.

this is where it feels like banging my head againsed a wall.

they already have the new account set up at the new house and the debt is getting moved over but they still wont take the meters out here. its up to the new people who move in to do that.

mhsbod Tue 30-Jun-09 02:33:41

From mhsbod.. DE are an a pickle here because we won't work on the houses if they've got a pre-payment meter. Invariably there's no power so we can't work in them. So, we knock them back to DE who knock them back to you sad

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