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the first week...

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Twistle Thu 12-Feb-09 14:06:58

The first week he's away is always hard. Anyone else feel the same? I seem to get it together after that. This one seems particularly hard. As he drove off at 1am Monday morning, and I tried to close the garage door, the spring came off the door.... he'd not even gone out of sight and things were breaking. The next morning the car wouldn't start (we have a banger as well, so not the end of the world, but you know a pain to sort it all out, though luckily our village garage is great). The snow, it's started again. The kids wail for him at all hours. Ho hum, I'll feel better next week (and the kids will stop wailing for him).

p.s. he's only away 7 weeks or so, but he's only been back 7 weeks after being away 7 weeks. Read that article that someone posted a link to which said it gets better after 6 weeks... made me smile.

Loopymumsy Fri 13-Feb-09 13:38:40

Message withdrawn

frannikin Fri 13-Feb-09 13:43:46

Yep. The freezer broke. He has some kind of knack that fixes it and I don't. I just sat down and cried!

Mine's only away on a short jolly too so the 6 weeks thing made me laugh as well. I wondered if I was supposed to be simultaneously missing him and wondering how I was going to cope without him AND excited about his return and wondering how I'd cope with him!

It gets better...when there are no things left to break.

VanillaPumpkin Sat 14-Feb-09 18:30:27

My Bil and Sil came to stay the first weekend Dh went OOA. By the time they left the toilet was blocked. It is inevitable something will break within 7 days sad. The first week is the worst. It will be better next week. <pats back>

Take care.

Twistle Sun 15-Feb-09 09:33:07

Thanks folks. I'm keen to get myself sorted out today. House is a state! I now have a poorly 2yo...

waspriceyp Sun 15-Feb-09 09:46:42

Hi Twistle, my DH is away a week today for 3 months. The washing machine has died today, so we now have to go rushing around tomorrow to get one. Bless him he's just run up to the mess to get as much done in the machines there, but it's a major PITA.
Dishwasher's already dead, so just waiting for the tumble dryer to join in!
Chin up! Good luck with the house sorting!

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