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AT RAF Henlow where are the MQ's?

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SaltireOShanter Tue 20-Jan-09 09:27:11

Are they on camp, or in the village of Henlow or somewhere else?

jcscot Tue 20-Jan-09 09:54:37

IIRC, they're on camp, but I might be wrong.

alibubbles Tue 20-Jan-09 13:46:28

On camp, my sister lived there a long time ago!

SandyChick Sun 25-Jan-09 20:20:28

On camp. Up until 4 months ago we lived at DICS Chicksands which is about miles from RAF Henlow. We used to use the pool at Henlow as we didnt have one on camp. I still have a few friends living on camp at Henlow. We lived there for 3 years if you have any questions smile

SandyChick Sun 25-Jan-09 20:21:20

4 miles!

SaltireOShanter Tue 27-Jan-09 08:12:50

SO what about the schools? Specifically for children in years 67 and year 4?

Berryred Fri 06-Mar-09 20:08:12

they are on the camp hun, I moved from henlow in Aug 08!

weepootle Tue 14-Jul-09 10:27:44

Saltire, did you go to Henlow?

Reason I ask is that I'm going there soon and hoping to find out about the MQs too.

McDreamy Tue 14-Jul-09 14:41:18

Yes on camp. I was based there for a couple of years but lived in Wittering.

Mandabragg Mon 20-Jul-09 11:43:49

We're moving into MQ's on Henlow later this week, some are inside the wire, some are outside but they're all pretty close to one another.

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