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Just to wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe Christmas and new year.

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mdrooney Fri 19-Dec-08 13:33:40

I havnt a partner in the forces but have so much admariation for anyone in the forces and their familes it must be diffcult being away from them at any time but more so at Christmas I imagine, and I would just like to send my best wishes to you and your loved ones and hope you all have a safe and wonderfull Xmas.

littlelapin Fri 19-Dec-08 13:36:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ItsNELLyChristmas Fri 19-Dec-08 19:03:26

What a lovely thought, thank you! I,like Lapin,am lucky enough to have my dh at home this year (he has just finished his Easter leave that he is getting in advance of being away next year!) We are currently at a rather excited countdown satge for our neighbour's dh who is due home from hot and sandy in 10 days grin

Merry Christmas everyone smile

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