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So, I haven't seen SHOSHE for ages, and I wondered.........................

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saltire Wed 22-Oct-08 17:09:18

.... if she had been with this lot and got lost

saltire Wed 22-Oct-08 17:11:48

<wonders what the possiblity of getting the RAF to agree to let me fly a Tornado>

EachPeachPearMum Wed 22-Oct-08 17:18:05

She has a halloween name, but can't remember it! grin
You survived the family visit then?

saltire Wed 22-Oct-08 18:03:00

Yes I survived the visit, just need to get myself ready for MIL and step FIL visit at Christmashmm

saltire Wed 22-Oct-08 18:33:27


ShosheTheGhoshe Wed 22-Oct-08 18:36:20


Hiya grin

I've been here, I was the ConfusedOne for a while as Flame and Pyscho confused me, then got a rotten cold and hibernated for a week.

saltire Wed 22-Oct-08 18:40:40

I missed yougrin. I wouldn't have done that camping thing either. Yuck tents and wet and slugs no way

ShosheTheGhoshe Wed 22-Oct-08 18:45:21

aww we used to go camping when we went to bike rallies and festivals, that was fun (nothing to do with the copius amount of beer of course), but there is 1 soldier in this house and that is quite enough thank you grin

(And by this time next year there will be none!)

ShosheTheGhoshe Wed 22-Oct-08 18:46:25

Actually about 20 years ago when I was married to DH2 I did one of those weekend, and it was brilliant grin

Much to old now tho .

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