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Vanilla Pumpkin....I need to have a word!!!!

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McDreamy Tue 07-Oct-08 16:02:00

Don't worry nothing to worry about I just need to ask you something!smile

McDreamy Thu 09-Oct-08 19:34:56


VanillaPumpkin Thu 09-Oct-08 21:42:59

How exciting, this is the first ever thread with my name on it. Thank you.
What can I do for you????

VanillaPumpkin Thu 09-Oct-08 21:49:47

Just realised what the time is in your neck of the woods. I will check in tomorrow smile.

Also a bump to see my thread in Active Convos again grin

McDreamy Sat 11-Oct-08 14:32:33

Oh hello!! I just wanted t let you know that CP is leaving here and we are compiling a book of memories and goodbyes for her. I wondered if you would like me to add a little not from you as I know you were very fond of her. If you have any photos of your time with them I could add that too. My email is McDreamy1971atgmaildotcom

McDreamy Sat 11-Oct-08 14:33:27

That's a little "note" from you

Aliensloveunderpants Sat 11-Oct-08 18:38:39

Just to let you know I've named changed as there is someone with a similar name to me and it's about time I had a change wink

VanillaPumpkinLantern Sun 12-Oct-08 15:26:55

Will mail you!!!!! Thanks smile.

VanillaPumpkinLantern Sun 12-Oct-08 18:46:15

Have mailed you three times........blush

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