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Dress help!

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frannikin Wed 17-Sep-08 08:07:55

I have my first 2 'official' functions to go to - OH is an officer in the French Navy.

1. Cocktail on Royal Navy ship - Friday early evening, OH has told me which uniform he'll be wearing but that REALLY doesn't help other than the fact that's it's white...

2. Military Mass - early evening Saturday with drinks/hanging around afterwards.

Any guidelines gratefully appreciated. I don't know anyone down here I can ask and OH's mother and grandmother are scaring me by mentioning things like hats for church - both were French Army wives but not sure how much things have changed.

mumof2222222222222222boys Wed 17-Sep-08 08:46:54

For the do on the ship, I would wear a smart dress, on or below knee. I really don't think hats should be necessary. Can you check whether it will be inside or outside? (I'd suspect inside this time of year, but you never know.) If outside, you will need something warm. I am going to a RAF dinner on Thurs night (I am ex RN and DH is RN) and I am wearing a Karen Millen dress (knee length), smart coat as first bit is outside but no hat. It would be ok for the RN - hope the RAF agree!

As for church, I would wear something smart, but a hat is probably not necessary unless you really want to wear one. I would probably go for dress, but smart trousers would be fine too imo.

Hope you enjoy!

frannikin Wed 17-Sep-08 09:03:16

This is the South of France so it's more likely to be outside. I have a dress (strappy, mid-calf) which has a matching cardi type thing - would that be okay?

Glad you don't think hats are necessary. I was staring to get deeply scared.

mumof2222222222222222boys Wed 17-Sep-08 09:18:00

Sounds great! Wish I was going to CTP in South of France....Something that you feel comfortable and pretty / glamourous in will be perfect. I don't think the rules are as strict as they once were.

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